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Thank you Sony :)

I got to work early this morning and received an email from Sony containing this:

Yep. If you read the message right, Sony has given me 3 Free PSP Games for just purchasing the PSP Go (and of course creating a PSN account and connecting my PSP to said account). Of course that’s nothing compared to the sea of games available for you if your PSP has Hen installed together with a useful app like the Prometheus ISO loader or the OpenIdea ISO loader right?  I still however, think that it’s good for Sony to give free away games.  Better to reward your loyal customers than gouge them right?

Sony did a similar promo, announcing Free PSP Go games if you purchase bundles called PSP favourites but it didn’t turn out well as you needed to purchase the bundles to avail of the freebies.

Do note that this offer is only available to PSP Go users. Depending on the region of the PSN account you link your PSP Go to, you may get a different set of games.

Oh and of the 3 games you see up there, sadly I’m only interested in Little Big Planet.

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