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LightVSH Menu v7 for 6.35 Hen and 6.31 Hen

PSP Homebrew developer has updated his LightVSH menu plugin with a few bugfixes and additional features.  If you’re on 6.35 Hen or 6.31 Hen, you’ll want to update to LightVSH Menu v7.


To install, simply copy the resulting plugins folder into your PSP’s memory stick or PSP Go‘s storage then restart hen via your VSH menu (press select).

So what does Light VSH menu offer?  Just the following list of features:

  • XMB Clock – changing the power of the PSP (the XMB)
  • GAME Clock – changing the power of the PSP (in games)
  • USB Charge – PSP charging over USB, even if it is not in the USB mode (non PSP 1000)
  • Screenshot – take screenshots of your PSP (new to v7)
  • Device Shutdown – Turn off PSP
  • Suspend Device – PSP in standby mode enable
  • Reset Device – reboot PSP (OFW is booted HEN | In CFW remains CFW)
  • Restart device – reboot PSP (HEN booting | In CFW but the BIOS)
  • Exit – VSH Menu close

LightVSH Menu v7 Changelog

Version 7: (by tocean)

-Fixed bug:
-Added compatiblity for CFW 6.35
-Changed screenshot to “L Trigger + R Trigger”
-Changed brightness to “L Trigger + up or down”
-Fixed bug for exit
-Fixed bug on PSP-2000 6.35/6.31 PRO

Version 6: (by tocean)
-Added Restart VSH.
-Renaming Lock Power Switch to Disable Power Switch.
-Fixed bug by CPU Clock GAME
-Fixed crash on 6.36

Version 5: (by tocean)
-Fixed bug
-Added compatiblity for 6.36 PRO

credits: TOcean

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  1. vanz_paltog banban February 9, 2011 Reply

    is this for 6.35 hen only ????

    how about 6.35 PRO-A????

  2. vanz_paltog banban February 9, 2011 Reply

    why is that when i press select…. no vsh menu will appear….

    i have psp 3000 6.35PRO . . . . .

    i think there is something wrong with files… huhu…

    pls help me out about this..

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