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6.35 PRO-A4 PSP LCFW released

Looks like Vflame beat Total_noob to the punch as the latest update to his 6.35 PRO LCFW, 6.35 PRO-A4 supports PSX games out of the box! Yep, PSX games it’s not clear yet whether this includes PSX games (from the CDs) dumped into an eboot file and/or PSN download PSX titles. The changelog says it only supports PSX games from the PSN but multiple user reports indicate that 6.35 Pro-A4 also runs dumped PS One games.

You will need to delete/replace the older files. No need to uninstall 6.35 Pro-A or 6.35 Pro-A2 or 6.35 Pro-A3 as you can install this update over them.

Install 6.35 Pro-A4 on your PSP

[!] may not fix the problem version.txt
[!] Increase compatibility of homebrew applications
[+] Add support for PSN PS1 games
PS1 Gamesl from the PSN are working now!
Note: Currently does not support self-transformation PS1 ISO. Can only be downloaded PSN PS1 games on the run successfully. PS1 games downloaded from PSN, run a PS1game, and then copy the entire game folder to another 635PRO users can run.

Download 6.35 Pro-A4:
6.35 Pro-A4 Updater
6.35 Pro-A4 Fast Recovery
or simply get
6.35 Pro-A4 Complete pack

Thanks to tenshi for the tip!

Now if you, like me, are wondering whatever happened to the 6.20 TN-D release, and how it’s related to 6.35 Pro-A4 release, do read on.

A user named HacKmaN from the forums claims that Liquidzigong aka vflame ripped their Popsloader code and slapped it on to 6.35 Pro-A4.

Here’s a rough translation via google translate

Install 6.35 Pro-A4 on your PSP

If you speak german you can view the full thread right here.

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  1. banban February 21, 2011 Reply

    it works well…..

  2. tenshi February 21, 2011 Reply

    can you please tell me what kind of ps1 game is working because my bust a groove eboot file exits after the sony logo… tnx

    • sylv3rblade February 21, 2011 Reply

      PSX PSN games = bought from the PSN store

      • tenshi February 21, 2011 Reply

        so i cannot play downloaded ps1 games??

  3. tenshi February 21, 2011 Reply

    can you please tell me what kind of ps1 game is working because my bust a groove eboot file exits after the sony logo.

  4. adventure_of_link February 23, 2011 Reply

    so what, does this install on ALL PSPs, regardless of hackable status, and whether or not it’s a 2000 series, 3000 series, or Go? Or do we still have to rely on jerry rigged forms of CFW (HENs)?

    • sylv3rblade February 23, 2011 Reply

      PRO-A still rely’s on Hen but since they access flash0, they’re more akin to real CFWs (and have more features).

      And yes, it can be installed on any PSP model.

      • adventure_of_link February 23, 2011 Reply

        Good deal. just out of curiosity:

        1. which is better: TN-C or this 6.35 PRO-A
        and 2. could I still downgrade to 6.20 OFW if needed?

        • banban February 23, 2011

          i prefer you to use PRO-A4 …..

          you can still downgrade from 6.35 to 6.20…

        • adventure_of_link February 24, 2011

          Awesome. I’m totally there!! …just as soon as I finish up all this work at home. 🙁

  5. adventure_of_link February 24, 2011 Reply

    OK, I totally need some help.. I tried running the updater, CFW installs. OK, so I try rebooting into it. Nothing happens, I am on OFW still. So I run the fast recovery tool. again, nothing happens.

    What I find weird is that this program thinks I have a PSP Brite 4000 model, yet I clearly have a PSP 3001 Piano Black edition… help…?

    • sylv3rblade February 24, 2011 Reply

      hmm this is odd. Try the older version, 6.35 Pro-A3. It could be a bug with this release. If that doesn’t work you may need to go about it the hard way (downgrade, reupdate to 6.35, reinstall 6.35 Pro-A).

    • adventure_of_link February 24, 2011 Reply

      …nevermind. Be sure to delete the seplugins folder on your PSP’s memory stick AND the openidea ISO loader in order for it to work.

      *insert the price is right loser horns here*

      one minor nag… is it possible to re-enable the PSP splash screen upon booting a game/homebrew? also, is there a way to put more ISO drivers into the UMD loading?

  6. banban February 24, 2011 Reply

    i just want to help…

    6.35 PRO-B is released….. ^_^

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