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Early peek at the The Sims 3 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS will be launching with a version of The Sims 3 built specifically to take advantage of the key features the new console.

The new 3DS version will allow you to create your own Sim using the 3DS camera and the game will match the Sim’s feature with your likeness. Personalization much? 🙂 Additional aesthetics like new hairstyles, clothing and accessories will be available for download via Wi-Fi Connection. Using a Street Pass will allow you to exchange Sims with other players.

Then there’s Karma. In Sims 3DS, you shake your handheld for reward and/or punishment. Why? Well, you either get money to fall out of the sky or you get to cause an earthquake that’s bound to scare your Sim silly. Here’s some screenshots for the upcoming 3DS The Sims 3.

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