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3rd Birthday official site and getting up close with Aya Brea

Square has put up the official site for Parasite Eve: the 3rd birthday bringing us oodles of information, some background on the story so far and several trailers (one of which is embedded below) and a whole lot of other neat stuff that’s sure to make any Parasite Eve fan’s day.

What neat stuff? This specifically.

Not close enough? Hold on. How about this?

How about now? 🙂

The official TGS2010 trailer for Parasite Eve: the 3rd Birthday is embedded here for your convenience.

For those interested in the Wallpapers, you can download them right here.

And lastly, here’s a list of voice actors that’ll play the characters in the game:

* Aya Brea: Maaya Sakamoto
* Hyde Borh: Takashi Taniguchi
* Thelonious Cray: Hisao Egawa
* Eve Brea: Rei Okamoto
* Karud “Boss” Owen: Wataru Yokojima
* Dr Blank: Ryohei Kimura
* Gabriel Monsigny: Yuko Kaida
* Kyle Madigan: Kouichi Yamadera
* Kunihiko Maeda: Hiroaki Hirata

For those who played Final Fantasy XIII, you’ll be pleased to note that Lightning’s voice actress, Maaya Sakamoto, will play the role of Aya Brea.

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