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Black Rock Shooter headed for the PSP

The Black Rock Shooter is about to enter the PSP scene as Imageepoch announced it’s upcoming (what else) Black Rock Shooter game. To those unfamiliar with the title’s background, BRS is set in the year 2051, 19 years after the war with alien invaders began. Mankind is about to face annihilation and it’s fate rests on the shoulders of 12 people fighting against the forces of darkness. Cheesy enough for you? How about some screens 🙂

Black Rock Shooter PSP
Black Rock Shooter PSP
Black Rock Shooter PSP
Black Rock Shooter PSP

If that’s not enough pixelated goodness, here’s a video of the first trailer:

The game will come out in typical japanese courtesy with a regular and a highly sought after collector’s edition containing the following:

  • Artwork
  • A Black Rock Shooter white Figma figurine
  • An artbook
  • A soundtrack

The regular version will cost ¥6,279 while the limited edition (if you can get it that is) will cost ¥10,479.

screens via Danny Choo

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