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Nintendo slashes DSi and DSi XL prices

In light of the revelation of Nintendo’s upcoming portable console the 3DS and the rise in popularity competing portable consoles/gadgets like the iPod Touch, Nintendo has slashed the prices of it’s DSi and DSi XL consoles. Starting September 12, you’ll start seeing both consoles selling for less.

According to the Japanese gaming console maker, both DSi and DSi XL will have their prices marked down by $20 to just $150 and $170 respectively. You’ll note that the mark down doesn’t include to ever popular DS Lite which will remain at it’s $130 price point.

The price adjustment seems to be Nintendo’s way of setting the right market price for the 3DS which is expected to be released and shipped by the end of September.

However, another reason for the price drop is the popularity of Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch which seems to have contributed to lower DS sales. In comparison, the App store has more than 250,000 apps while Nintendo’s consoles tout just around 1,500 titles, and that’s ignoring hardware specifications (remember, some games will work only with the DSi which is known as DSiWare).

Now with both Nintendo’s consoles getting a price drop, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from getting one right? If you still haven’t decided on getting one, how about some free DSi points to avail of your free DSi games? 🙂

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  1. yaren-serdar mmorpg September 1, 2010 Reply

    i can buy :))

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