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HowTo: Enable NA access in StarCraft II Battle.Net

With StarCraft II Patch 1.1.0 now Live in all Battle.Net servers, you may want to know how to access the North American Server in :).

Of course if you’re already have the NA version of StarCraft II, you wouldn’t need this but in case you want to switch servers, you can take the same steps :).

  1. Open your browser and signin to you Battle.Net account
  2. Upon successful login, Click manage games. You should see the screen below:
  3. Click StarCraft II®: Wings of Liberty North America (NA) (which says FREE BTW)
  4. After that, fire up your StarCraft II client. If you’ve updated to Patch 1.1.0, you should see this screen:
  5. Click the Region Button and you should see this:
  6. Select North America & Latin American and Click OK. And you’re done, you can now login to the North American Servers in Battle.Net :). See you there.
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