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List of StarCraft II Cheats

Whoops.  So you can’t beat StarCraft 2 without resorting to Starcraft 2 cheats, and other cheat codes?   Don’t worry, we won’t discriminate.  Cheats are useful sometimes to practice a new build order, unit effectiveness against another unit or simply playing with the game.

Do note that use of Starcraft 2 cheats doesn’t cause you to be banned from Battle.Net (you get banned for cheating/hacking multiplayer though).   Use with discretion however, cheats won’t make you a better player :).

To enter any of these cheats, simply Press Enter on any Single Player game and type in the StarCraft 2 Cheat Code.  The effect is listed below :).

Important Note: When signed-in to Battle.Net, the moment you use any cheats you see below, Achievements are automatically turned off.

Technology Upgrade medieval man
Free Unit Upgrades something for nothing
Infinite Energy the gathering
Instant Loss game over man
Instant Victory there is no cow level
Invincibility power overwhelming
Lift the Fog war aint what it used to be
Receive 500 Vespene Gas breathe deep
Disable Food and PSI Requirements food for thought
Select a Level ophelia
Disable Level Victory staying alive
Receive 500 Minerals FREE whats mine is mine
Receive 10,000 minerals and Vespene Gas show me the money
Fast-build Mode operation cwal
Add 5,000 credits to the Hyperion Battlecruiser whysoserious
Gives you terrazine jaynestown
Build units for free moredotsmoredots
Instant 5,000 Vespene Gas realmendrilldeep
Disables victory conditions tyuhasleftthegame
Disables tech tree requirements sosayweall
Watch cutscenes through pop-up Menu eyeofsauron
Increments weapon, armor and shield upgrades by 1 iamironman
Disables ability cooldown hanshotfirst
Plays the Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain song “Terran up the Night” overengineeredcodpiece

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