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Install PSP Custom Firmware 5.50 Prometheus add-on

Even with 5.50 GEN-D3 installed on your PSP, you won’t be able to play some of the newer games without proper patching or plugin to help bypass Sony’s new DRM which requires 6.20 OFW. Luckily, Liquidzigong created Prometheus Module so that users with 5.50 GEN-D3 firmware (meaning COMPLETELY hackable PSPs) can still enjoy the latest game releases without any patching involved. With this guide, I’ll be showing you how to install the 5.50 Prometheus firmware add-on.

For ease of identification, Liquidzigong says you can also call this release as 5.50 GEN-D4.  For the purposes of this post I’ll be referring to this release as both 5.50 Prometheus and 5.50 GEN-D4.

Important: This only for hackable PSPs. Not sure? Read: Is my PSP hackable?

Update: The Prometheus-3 add-on is now available.

  • A PSP with custom firmware 5.50 GEN-D3 installed. If your firmware version is below this, please update to 5.50 GEN-D3.
  • PSP battery that’s at least 78% full
  • Download:
  • Disable ALL plugins.
  • Back up your save files (so that if they get corrupted, you still have backups)

How to install 5.50 Prometheus GEN-D4 add-on

  • Connect your PSP to your computer
  • Extract the to your PC
  • Copy the 5.50_Prometheus folder to X:/PSP/GAME/ on your PSP’s memory stick. (Where X is the drive that your PC recognizes your memory stick)
  • On your XMB, go to Game > Memory Stick to start 5.50 Prometheus Updater
  • Continue to install the official 5.50 Prometheus CFW when prompted
  • After all process is complete, press X. Your PSP will reboot.
  • Congratulations, you’ve just installed 5.50 Prometheus add-on on your 5.50 GEN-D3 or simply 5.50 GEN-D4.

Important: This release is currently 5.50 Prometheus v4.  Stay updated by subscribing to our feeds.
Update: The Prometheus-3 add-on is now available.
After installing 5.50 GEN-D4, How about some Free PSP Games?


In case of problems you can go back to 5.50-GEN-D3, just simply the proper XGen updater again. If all else fails, you will need a Pandora Battery to revive your PSP.

You can post problems you’ve encountered here.

Developer Note

Developer’s note:


It allows you without any modules, plug-in situations like the game to run 6.20. Procedures have been in the PSP-1003 & PSP-2000 on the test successfully.

Known to the normal operation of the original ISO:


MGSPW (Prologue do not crash)

Not known to the normal operation of the game:

patapon 3 DEMO

Thank GEN Team. This version of the vast majority of files from the 5.50 GEN-D3, you can call it 5.50 GEN-D4.


Q: Why does the game start screen to turn red?

A: Yes, when adding the code to decrypt the original GEN-C is changed purple. In my firmware in a red, made in China.


Prometheus module and has been used to improve the game’s compatibility


Liquidzigong – Prometheus Module

Genyus – By GEN

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  1. slimypasto Slimy June 29, 2010 Reply

    Ay yo atma. I know this might not be the best place to ask this but i have two questions…

    1. Is there a way to play a video that is in .avi Format in my PSP??
    2. Is there a way to open a .pdf file in my PSP??

    • jae.artattack Z3TR0C July 4, 2010 Reply

      I know that you can convert .avi to PSP to watch it. The program is called “XviD4PSP”. So technically it DOESN’T allow .avi files to play, but rather it converts them to a playable format. As for the .pdf functionality I am yet unaware. But if you do find out please let me know…I been looking for the same thing!

      • slimypasto Slimy July 6, 2010 Reply

        I’ve found a software named “Bookr” tht opens up .pdf files…
        I’ve tested it and it works…though im still looking for tht .avi one

        • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade July 6, 2010

          heh.. found bookr as well :D. Will do a post in a bit

  2. slimypasto Slimy July 14, 2010 Reply

    Hey Atma, why the new Prince of Persia doesn’t work on this patch?

  3. jackcorvis Help July 29, 2010 Reply

    sorry can u help me?after i download the prometheus 5.50 and 5.50 gen d-3 my psp wont read the memory stick/duo and if i want to format it, it’s always says format error, any ideas?


    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade July 31, 2010 Reply

      Try formattng your memory stick on a computer. Looks like a bad memory stick.

  4. amirulaiman.mazlan Forte August 4, 2010 Reply

    So 5.50 Prometheus is like an update to 5.50 Gen-D3? If I update mine to Gen-D4, it should be able to play the newer games and old games right?

    • amirulaiman.mazlan Forte August 4, 2010 Reply

      And thanks for posting this.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 4, 2010 Reply

      Yep. But some of the much older games (like those that came out in 3.xx era) seem to have problem with 5.50 GEN in general. At that point the only option is to juggle your firmware version (upgrade and downgrade).

  5. marker.123 markus August 5, 2010 Reply

    is the PSN and PS store still still blocked on this firmware?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 6, 2010 Reply

      Yep. You can use a plugin that allows access to PSN however

      • gerald_seguira Gerald August 17, 2010 Reply

        umm sir slyv3rblade if i update to this version will i be able to play kingdom hearts birth by sleep? How are procedures ?and is there an english version of khbbs?

  6. anipo.sargatanas Chickenmon August 23, 2010 Reply

    Hi… Uhm… 5.50 Prometheus seems to have a problem when I play YS seven. The problem is it has no sound when I play the game… Does this mean do I have to upgrade my firmware?

  7. arkminds_42 arkminds! August 24, 2010 Reply

    yo! i have a psp 2006 and its newer version is 5.03 GEN C. it is the blue madden edition. i use chick hen whenever i restart it. can it be upgraded to gen d3 and then to 5.5 prometheus? thanks.

  8. dark_rance Rance September 3, 2010 Reply

    Ah yes, this means that you have to have GEN-D3 Final installed before you can add Prometheus right? Okay, this is my real question…

    How would you know if you have D3 Final? There was another release in the Gen line saying that there was a ‘Final’ version of Gen D3. I installed D3 a few months ago, but I forgot exactly when, hence not knowing if I downloaded the Final version or the initial release.

    Is there any way of knowing? Coz D3 Final has reports of not being able to play God Eater (not specified if this includes even the KH-something plugin fix). Is there a difference in the System Info stating I have the Final version?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 4, 2010 Reply

      There are 2 versions of the 5.50 GEN-D3 installer, one is the xgen v5 and the other is xgen v5b. The latter installs 5.50 GEN-D3 final. If you want to make sure, just run the installer again and it will install or reinstall the final version of 5.50 GEN-D3 for you.
      Yep, God Eater works only with the prometheus module or the khbbs plugin.

      • dark_rance Rance September 4, 2010 Reply

        Prometheus would’ve been a near perfect update if the older games weren’t affected. I have a couple of old games I love playing and I heard they would become incompatible with the Pro update. Also, I read that my current save games in D3 would be corrupted in Pro.

        I’ve been debating whether to sacrifice old game compatibility as well as saved games non corruptivity with updating to Pro and losing all these.

        Can you bring an end to my dilemma here? I mean, it would be of great help if I end my dilemma. Would Prometheus be able to play Phantasy Star Portable games as well as they did in D3? Would I be able to play Super Robot Wars Portable games as well in Prometheus? Monster Hunter Freedom United? Mana Khemia 1 and 2?

        I wished there’s a compatibility list somewhere on this…

  9. paul_blanchard94 paul September 12, 2010 Reply

    Help Please!!

    I had 5.50 GEN-D3, never had any prbs except I couldnt play MGS PW.

    So I installed this prometheus update. Now everything is great, except for my XMB menu. It is very slow. Any ideas on how to fix it so it is normal speed again?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 13, 2010 Reply

      Try checking the speed on your XMB, press select and check to see if it’s set to default

      • paul_blanchard94 paul September 13, 2010 Reply


        Thanks man! Took me like 3 seconds to fix, now my XMB is at full speed again. I thought I was going to have to go back to GEN-D3, but its fixed thanks to your help

        • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 13, 2010

          No prob :). It’s a common problem but not everyone realizes that the XMB has the fix for it 🙂

  10. unknown_player.10 Q September 15, 2010 Reply

    Just to make sure, This will update 5.50 Gen-D3 to 5.50 Prometheus v4?

  11. isrraelvegaa GiryjoW September 18, 2010 Reply

    hey gang i just install tha 4D add-on cause i cant play FF crisis core & kingdom hearts, so i try this one but for my bad luck it didn’t work. any one that can help me with this????
    PS. of curse i had tha 5.50 gen3D before i install the add-on so you know!!!
    PS1. tnx for tha post sylv3rblade.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 18, 2010 Reply

      You might have downloaded a “patched” copy of the games you want to play. Look for an unpatched copy instead.

      • isrraelvegaa GiryjoW September 18, 2010 Reply

        tnx silv3rblade, but i don’t think that’s my problem, you see i have downloaded like 8 or 9 difrent backups of crisis core fron isos JPN,USA, to cso ripped, patched & unpatched, & i still haven’t make it work; For tha KHBBS i just downloaded two difrent, and the firts was a JPN “patched” that did work, but was on JPN so i dont understand it at all jaja, and i hade tha same prob with god of war, but a few days ago i purchase the backup from a guy that was patched ISO n’d works great, so what else can be my issue???

        • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 18, 2010

          Wow that’s a lot. Hmm..I’ll check into things to see if there’s a fix for your problem.

      • isrraelvegaa GiryjoW September 18, 2010 Reply

        tnx bro ill be waithing!!!!!

  12. trustmeitseasier Mr. Moe September 26, 2010 Reply

    This is a great guide. Unlike many other guides this one is quite descriptive and has steps and requirements listed. Many other guides for prometheus v6 are made to “build upon” previous version guides and it ends up being very confusing if you have not been up to date with the scene for a while. Thanks a lot, keep up the good work!

  13. ssanchez85 St3v3O October 19, 2010 Reply

    So I installed this hoping it would fix my problem Im having. After I installed CFW on my PSP, GEN-D3, I noticed I wasnt getting any sound from my PSP, even when I connected my earphones. Is there any way to fix this. Im using a PSP 1001 btw

  14. darylllidres darski October 24, 2010 Reply

    sir what’s happening to my psp? whenever i experience my battery getting low the home screen pops up automatically…help please

  15. darylllidres darski October 24, 2010 Reply

    follow up question… and when i turn my psp off completely it doesn’t load sometimes, and i need to remove the battery and put it back again and turn it on again… should i update my firmware? i have 5.50 GEN-D3 already…

  16. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 24, 2010 Reply

    sounds like a bad flash.
    Just re-run the XGEN Updater again to reinstall 5.50 GEN-D3 on your PSP.

  17. darylllidres darski October 26, 2010 Reply

    do you think i should change my mmc? i noticed however that whenever i put pressure on the screen it goes to the home button, what do you think?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 26, 2010 Reply

      o_O try to change your MMC first. If it still persists, it might be a problem with your PSP.

  18. darylllidres darski October 27, 2010 Reply

    ok thanks

  19. joaoamaroscp joaosporting October 30, 2010 Reply

    hey guys, I just downloaded the 5.50 gen d-3 and installed it and now I’m trying to install prometheus, but when I press X to install, it does nothing. I have to reboot my psp so I can use it. But I can’t install the prometheus. Any one has a solution for my problem? thanks

  20. pichu_michu7 Astraea127 October 31, 2010 Reply

    thanks for this release, some japanese games like: Koihime Musou Wu Story requires this update.

  21. wiltonko wiltonko November 1, 2010 Reply

    i was wondering if they have shining tears in psp?

  22. gaurav_punjabi97 gaurav November 7, 2010 Reply

    do u know to start a game in DSonPSP
    whenever i start a game the screen gets stuck on white

  23. paolo_kyle11 paolo_11 November 18, 2010 Reply

    hi sir? is there any risks in converting my 5.50 gen-d3 into this new firmware?
    i’m afraid of bricking my psp

    thnx.. ure immediate reply is highly appreciated

  24. infamous245 Ronald November 21, 2010 Reply

    i have 5.50 gen d3 and i downloaded this add on and i still cant play gran turismo what should i do?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 21, 2010 Reply

      Odd. Are you still getting the Game Could not be started error?
      If you are then you probably downloaded a copy that’s patched for a different firmware version.
      DL the 5.00 M33 version here:

  25. salihinator dudeki November 24, 2010 Reply

    oooh hell yeah dudes you guys rock now i can play FIFA 11 on mah PSP :DDDDD

  26. lungburn678 Agent 'Orange Crush' November 26, 2010 Reply

    I have a PSP Fat and just upgraded from 5.00 m336 to 5.50 GEN-D3, then installed Prometheus. I tried a downloaded demo of Undead Knights, firmware version 5.50, and after loading the PSP screen, the PSP went back to the Home screen with the message “the game could not be started.” Does Prometheus even play newer demos, or does it only work on UMD’s? I don’t have any new ones to try at the moment. I tried WWE 2008 (firmware 3.52) and WWE 2007 (firmware 2.82) and both would freeze the PSP when I tried to play them. The PSP screen would appear, the initial in game loading screen would pop up quickly, then the screen would go black and freeze, no disc activity at all. I had to pull the battery to turn it off. GTA Vice City Stories, Sega Genesis Collection, and Thrillville (all firmware 2.81) all played fine, but my game save data was corrupt and could not be used. I have games 2.60 and under and those games and their save data all work fine. So is there something I can do, or some kind of GEN update coming soon?

  27. FatalBlood_94 Fatal November 28, 2010 Reply

    the game sound a bit fuzzy . is there any connection with the prometheus??

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 28, 2010 Reply

      Try increasing your PSP’s clock speed or try a different copy of the game file.

      • lungburn678 Agent 'Orange Crush' November 29, 2010 Reply

        My system info says I’m running 5.50 Prome-3. I did replace my corrupted game saves with backups and that worked, but copying didn’t work, I had to erase the files off of my PSP first. But it worked and thank you for the hint, that helped a lot. Undead Knights still won’t play, and my 2.82 and 3.52 firmware games still freeze the PSP. I don’t really care about these issues so much personally, I just wanted to see if I could find some newer firmware than the 3.52 I had been using. And maybe my info will help someone iron out the kinks for the next update for GEN.

  28. ahmed_nazreen nazreen December 2, 2010 Reply

    i am psp 2000(5.50 gen d3) user…
    i downloaded split/second game……
    but it cannot play on my psp…
    is it worked with prometheus???
    what should i do??

  29. shivujagga Shivansh J. December 18, 2010 Reply

    Hey,,, I didn’t try it yet because i wanted to know if it will run ALL THE GAMES THAT GEN-D3 ran ???? Does it play most of the new and old games like assasins creed,,,, etc…. (which GEN-D3 ran?) ?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade December 18, 2010 Reply

      It will run all GEN-D3 compatible games. As far as I know, what GEN-D3 can’t run (this means older games), the Prometheus module can’t run either.

  30. shivujagga Shivansh J. December 18, 2010 Reply

    hey,, can we olso return back to 5.50 gen-D3 … IF YES,,, HOW ???

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade December 18, 2010 Reply

      yep, just reflash using the installer for 5.50 GEN-D3.

      • shivujagga Shivansh J. December 18, 2010 Reply

        Thanx Bro…..nd u knw wat…..
        U ROCK !! 😀

  31. shivujagga Shivansh J. December 19, 2010 Reply

    split second velocity does not work evn in prometheus,,,,,, it just works for the 1st level,,,, and the other levels do not work,,,, a black screen appears after the loading of the other levels 🙁 ,,, PLEASE HELP

  32. shahnoor_jilani Ginrocks December 26, 2010 Reply

    Can u gimme a link to the psn patch

  33. Kachmul2004 Kachmen January 3, 2011 Reply

    Hey buddy, am playin a fifa 10 since last year. But now today, when am playing it, it lags/hangs for maybe half a second or so. It making the game boring. I tried formating the flash memory, the memory stick, and then reinstalled gen-d3 and copied my saves and iso file from backup. It doesn’t solve it. I also tried deleting the saves and then opening the game, but it still lags. What do u suggest?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade January 4, 2011 Reply

      What speed is your PSP running (check the XMB menu)? Also, is this symptom present in all other games or just fifa 10?

      • Kachmul2004 Kachmen January 4, 2011 Reply

        Is XMB MENU THE SAME AS VSH MENU? If yes, Then speed is at DEFAULT. its always there! And i only have fifa 10. Music is playing fine (fifa music), and when am playing in practice mode, there is no problem. Only when i play kickoff or manager mode. Il try and diferent memory card, and the original iso backup which i put on dvd. Il update you! Thanks

        • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade January 4, 2011

          yep that’s it. Which speed? There’s a Game Speed and VSH Speed. Try setting Game speed to 333Mhz (overclock your psp). Don’t worry though, it’ll only drain more battery.

        • Kachmul2004 Kachmen January 4, 2011

          Both speeds are set at “default”.
          Anyway, my memory card is the culprit. Its a chinese knockoff. 4gb stick. I tried a difrent one, it works ok.

  34. comrade_theory RaZor_321 January 29, 2011 Reply

    I have of problem of playing games.
    It is Midnight Club LA Remix.
    My PSP can run the game but when to start a mission in career mode, it becomes freeze and shut down automatically.Last time before i upgrade my psp to 5.5.GEN-D3, everything is fine and i can play the game until the end.I love to play this game again coz it is great racing game and visual.
    So, what i must do to over come this problem? Should i upgrade to 5.50 Prome 4?
    I’m using PSP1000(fat) now and 5.50 GEN-D3.TQ

  35. kchen94 chenn January 30, 2011 Reply

    None of my games work now after updating this T_T

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade January 30, 2011 Reply

      check you current firmware version, what firmware does it say you are on?

      • kchen94 chenn January 30, 2011 Reply

        it says 5.50 Prometheus

        Actually, all my games but MHP3rd work which is odd..

  36. luffy_3rdgear memon09 February 9, 2011 Reply

    what is the most convineint firmware and add on you can recommend to me cos i planning to buy a psp

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade February 9, 2011 Reply

      As of the moment, 6.20 TN-C and 6.35 Pro-A

    • litse_ning_yah00 dont buy 3k/go/2k(ta-88v3) April 3, 2011 Reply

      just be sure to not buy PSP-GO/PSP-300x/PSP-200x(TA-88v3boards)….

      i suggest you buy a PSP-100x/PSP-200x(TA-88v2 below boards)

  37. tomnitka Nitek February 18, 2011 Reply

    I have 5.50 gen d(full) – I dunno which gen it is :/ If it’s d1/d2/d3 eh…
    I wonder what this update will give me then.
    Also I have problem with Silent Hill: Origins as intro movie stutters and even background video in main menu does.
    Installing this update is necessary? Should I do it?

  38. iridescent_1 iridescent_111 April 14, 2011 Reply

    installed Prometheus with gen d3 so all my nephew and my two boys could play the newer games…works perfectly with The 3rd Birthday game. by the way done this upgrade with 5 psp 2000…all working perfectly. @ sylv3rblade..dude your heaven sent…many many thanks! God Bless! : )

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 14, 2011 Reply

      Not a prob. Glad to be of help 🙂

      • pauldamen paul April 16, 2011 Reply

        have have upgrade to promethesous4 from 5.50GenD3. every game on mem stick now gets stuck on white PSP screen on loading.
        can you please help.
        Am using M33 no umd
        have tried reflash but system just turns off.
        is there a simple fix?
        thank you for your help

        • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 17, 2011

          That sounds like a bad flash on the side of prometheus. Have you tried reflashing using the Xgen updater (reinstall 5.50 GEN-D3)?

        • pauldamen paul April 17, 2011

          firstly thanks for your reply 🙂 much appreciated.

          The issue is I have downloaded xgen updater but wont load from mem stick (gets stuck on white screen).
          is it a case of pandora down grade required?

        • pauldamen paul April 17, 2011

          ha ha all sorted
          tried earlier exgen version and hey presto got passed white screen.
          now back to 5.50 (with out prometheous 4)
          thank you so much after 2 days on web and trying everything and you solved.


        • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 17, 2011

          No prob :).

  39. jibran.khan Jibran April 29, 2011 Reply

    hi.. I’ve PSP 1000 Phat with 5.50 promothus … when playing fifa 10 online.. the game is shutdown after a goal in celibration….. wht do i do? plz help

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 29, 2011 Reply

      Update your prometheus module to Prometheus-4

  40. fox_lorio Foxlorio May 2, 2011 Reply

    I’m sure this isn’t the place to write down and thank you but honestly this I found to be the best site to guide you through what you have to do to upgrade your psp and firmware. I had absolutely no idea and was noobing about it until I actually sat down and read HOW to do it.

    Thanks so much, with this last (prometheus) I can actually put several games into play!

  41. sieje_pua cj(pspadik) May 3, 2011 Reply

    yo sylv3rblader i love how the comments are flowing w/ pleased cusomers but im in a dilemma ive got backups for my 3 memory sticks already im just not sure on this being reliable 100% because Liquidzigong on his site about this has a ton of bad comments and if so where can i download the 5.50 gen d3 since i wasnt the who updated it and is it downgradable love to hear from you and thanks!

  42. sieje_pua cj(pspadik) May 3, 2011 Reply

    btw love it that your pic is Mio Akiyama from K-ON love her songs with the band ^^

  43. sieje_pua cj(pspadik) May 3, 2011 Reply

    and will it work on monster hunter portable 3rd?

  44. sieje_pua cj(pspadik) May 3, 2011 Reply

    NO COMMENT ABOUT THE MIO? ^^ tnx for the advice , btw when i play wwe raw vs smackdown at the start of the round the game freezes , i had to take off the battery just to fix it any advice?

  45. sieje_pua cj(pspadik) May 4, 2011 Reply

    ^^ tnx all works fine now alll games and saved datas aint corrupted I CAN FINALLY PLAY MHP 3RD!!! 🙂 TNX!

  46. vastonkai Audrius May 14, 2011 Reply

    Hi I have 5.50 prometheus-4 and Can not play some lego games. Is it upgradable to something new?? Thanks

  47. sieje_pua cj(pspadik) May 18, 2011 Reply


    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade May 18, 2011 Reply

      I think your new problem is that the capslock is stuck 😕 Yep. It’s upgradable.

      • sieje_pua cj(pspadik) May 20, 2011 Reply


  48. kim_mendoza1995 KimoliveR May 29, 2011 Reply

    hi thnks for the prometheus. i know this isnt the place to ask this but is there a english version of monster hunter 3?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade May 29, 2011 Reply

      Still no release of the english version of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd :/ But there is a translation patch available.

      • kim_mendoza1995 KimoliveR May 31, 2011 Reply

        thnks for the reply. but why does dissidia 012 and KHBBS cant start. it freezes then shut down after the psp logo. pls help

        • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade May 31, 2011

          You probably have a “patched” copy of both games, try looking for an untouched copy and try patching them yourself using this guide

        • kim_mendoza1995 KimoliveR May 31, 2011

          ok thnks again dude

  49. bongky18 Bong Kern Yih June 3, 2011 Reply

    Hello. I have installed ver 5.50 Gen-D3 and the file name was xgen-550gen-final. After that I tried installing pormetheus but I couldn’t launch the installation because nothing happens when I press the ‘X’ button. I press it several times repeatedly and nothing happened. After that I tried installing the firmware again but when it comes to pormetheus, I can’t install it at all. Please help. Thank you.

  50. rctcute mon June 6, 2011 Reply

    hello guys. i just updated my psp to 5.50 prometheus but i cannot still play patapon 3? anybody can help me? thanks.

  51. joshua_calibara ANgelscaliber36 June 17, 2011 Reply

    i have now the 5.50 Gen-d4 but still when i played the monster hunter portable 3 in my psp it said “The game could not be started” plse. HELP!!!

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade June 18, 2011 Reply

      You likely have a patched version of the game. Get a copy that’s untouched or has been patched for 5.50 GEN-D3/GEN-D4

      • joshua_calibara ANgelscaliber36 June 18, 2011 Reply

        The MHP3 that i downloaded is compatible with the 5.50 Gen-D3 and D4. By the way, what do you mean by untouched??

        I would really appriciate if you give me the link where you downloaded your Monster Hunter Portable 3, may be it would for me 🙂

        • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade June 18, 2011

          Untouched means it’s the original dump of the UMD, no modifications etc.
          Currently uploading 🙂

        • joshua_calibara ANgelscaliber36 June 18, 2011

          Uploading the MHP3??? if so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

        • joshua_calibara ANgelscaliber36 June 18, 2011

          If you’re finish uploading it just post the link and i’ll download it 🙂

  52. hurakigb Alex Poma August 4, 2011 Reply

    I have a PSP, 1000 fat and i started at 5.00 m33-6, i then went to 5.50 GEN-d(full), and finally 5.50 Prome-4. When i start an iso it loads the boot screen and the psp turns off. Help please im going on holiday and i need itt!!

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 4, 2011 Reply

      Does this happen to all your isos? Regardless, just the prometheus module with the newer version here.

  53. aikycruz iKey October 21, 2011 Reply

    my psp just says 5.50 Prometheus just that no GEN-X, is it safe to update straight to 5.50 prometheus-4? and is prometheus-4 the same as prometheus gen-d???

  54. devilflipcupid mike November 3, 2011 Reply

    dude i have 5.50 GEN-3 and i disabled all plugins and then i successfully installed that

    i was trying that WWE all star. i got stuck on the option of saving data for the game so i turned it off.

    the problem is that it just wont start up anymore as in nothing on the screen just the green light power is on.

    i tried to turn it on again and go to hard settings by pressing the right top button and holding the power button up. Still nothing.


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