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The Nintendo DS is now the best selling portable console

Take a seat Gameboy, Nintendo’s latest portable console has taken the first place in the race for the best selling portable console.

By the numbers how does the Nintendo DS compare to it’s predecessor? Here’s a rough breakdown.
Total Gameboy sales: 118 million.
Total DS sales: 128.89 million.

The DS line is inching closer into the sales of Sony’s PlayStation 2 (which has sold around 140 million units and is currently holding the title of best selling console ever). I guess Nintendo taking over that number won’t be such a far-fetched idea, especially with Nintendo generating more buzz with the 3D version of the DS family of consoles coming up :).

Kudos to Nintendo and their DS consoles. Now if you’re a proud DS owner, how about some free DS games and free DSi games to celebrate Nintendo’s victory? 🙂

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