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Black Wii coming to US shores?

Three years and a half since the launch of the Wii and it seems we’re finally getting that black Wii console to match our black wiimotes, nunchuck and classic controller controllers (pardon the pun).

Hatsune Miku heads to the PS3

With the success of Project Diva: Hatsune Miku for the PSP, I’m quite glad that our favorite Nendroid is about to get an HD upgrade. Hatsune Miku heads to the PS3 with Dreamy

Currently Playing: Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus

Like the previous game in the series, Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus is the PSP adaptation of the wildly popular (in Japan at least) arcade game of the same title. If you’ve played

Starcraft 2 BETA unable to load map error

If you’ve been playing the Starcraft II BETA offline or Starcraft 2 BETA vs AI or even just playing Starcraft 2 BETA replays, you might have encountered the “Unable to load map error.”

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