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Windows 7 Gets Official OS-tan Theme

Japan really gets all the good stuff. Aside from the Windows 7 whopper from Burger King, they also get a new theme that is voiced by popular seiyuu idol, Mizuki Nana, along with an officially sanctioned (by Microsoft :D) OS-tan, Nanami Madobe.


While the theme is only available by preording Microsoft’s latest operating system and is localized for Japan users only, people over at hongfire were able to release a copy with an english fix 😀

Want the theme? Just download it below:
Nanami Official Theme

As for those awesome wallpapers, you can download them by clicking below:




The question big question though is if Nanami will get adopted as an official member of the “OS-tan” brigade as all of the previous tans have been fan-created. Still, you got to admit that Nanami is CUTE!

Via Akiba-PC

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  1. kenren01 kenren May 28, 2010 Reply

    Awsome! Thank you for posting this!

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