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Call of Duty: Der Riese Fly Trap Achievement in Map Pack 3

Call of Duty World at War’s Der Riese “Fly Trap” a.k.a. “Elevate Your Senses” Achievement is considered to be one of the most frustrating achievements in gaming history.  So you might be wondering on how to achieve Der Riese Fly Trap in COD WAW Map Pack 3? Well don’t worry, Der Riese Fly Trap is attainable without resorting to cheats or hacks. Here are some instructions by COD 5 Map Pack 3 gamers who discovered it early.

To achieve Der Riese Fly Trap, just follow the detailed instructions on the video below:

A bit hard? Don’t worry, here’s an actual playthrough for you to follow. The video is recorded after the player has punched-up or upgraded his weapon/gun. Then, he moved on to achieve Map Pack 3 Der Riese Fly Trap.

Got it? I hope the vids helped 😀 If you still can’t achieve Der Riese Fly Trap, post a comment and let’s see what we can do 😀

We hope these instructional and demo videos of COD WAW Map Pack 3 Der Riese Fly Trap could actually help Der Riese players. Why not give it a try? Who knows you might be one of the few to achieve Der Riese Fly Trap.

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