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Friends for Sale Tips, Cheats, Hacks, Coins

Friends for Sale is one of those applications that you either get into really quick or get tired of really quick.  For newbs, it’s something to search no Friends for Sale Tips, Friends for Sale Cheats and Friends for Sale Coins on.  But what the hell, facebook games are the in thing today so let’s get on with this Friends for Sale Guide shall we?

What is Friends for Sale?

Friends for Sale, FFS for short, is a facebook application where you can buy/sell your friends. If you buy a friend, then you are your friend’s OWNER and he or she is your PET.  You can sell your pet to the highest bidder (this is mean lol) or you can do things with your pet ala tamagochi… make your friend do chores, date your friend, buy her stuff…. etc.

Any time someone is bought, his/her value increases as well as the monetary gain that you, as the owner will get in return for the chores you make your pet do.  If someone buys a pet that you own, you get reimbursed part of the current price of your pet but if you want to buy your friend back, you need a larger amount of cash.

There’s no real endgoal to the game, it’s just a means of passing time.  It does however, present a fun way of doing so.

How do I earn money in friends for sale?

This one is pretty simple.  Friends for Sale will give you cash for every six hours that you log in, for every chore your pet manages to do, for spreading the word about friends for sale, etc.  Here’s a complete list of things you can do to increase your monetary cache:

  • $250,000 for every six hours that you login
  • invite up to 20 people a day for $500,000 each
  • Gimme me 10million cash!
  • Chores for you pet.  A high value pet will net more income.
  • When browsing around the Friends for Sale application, keep an eye out for coins floating along the page.  If you click them, you get instant cash!

Increasing your value in friends for sale

This practice is frowned upon by most but it’s legal.  You just need to friends with loads of cash and ask them to buy you alternatingly.  Your Friends for Sale value will increase in no time!

What do I do to earn money?

See the tips mentioned above.

Ask two or more friends to keep on buying your back and forth. I had my value increased from 3million to 100million in a span of 1 hour due to this. Make sure your friends are rich else they will be suffering after buying you because they will have no more money.

Autoplayer for Friends for Sale

Now we get to the meaty part of the guide.  The hacks.  If you are willing to install a plugin to your firefox browser, you can get to play Friends for Sale without actually playing.  How?  By using an autoplayer for Friends for Sale.  If you want one, here’s what you do:

So let’s get started, you will need the following for the autoplayer.

  1. Firefox Browser
  2. Greasemonkey Firefox add-on

And here are the scripts that you will install in greasemonkey for them to work.

That’s it for this Friends for Sale Tips, Cheats, Hacks, Coins Guide.

If you have more friends for sale tips and tricks, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment.

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