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NDS Themes and R4DS Themes for Nintendo DS Lite

NDS Themes and R4DS Themes make it worthwhile to customize your Nintendo DS Lite’s screen. Skins for your NDS via R4DS skins or NDS skins are the easiest customizations you can do with your Nintendo DS. And who doesn’t want customizations? Especially when you can slap your favorite anime, tv show, characters, movies, etc on your Nintendo DS.

Now, if you’ve looking for NDS Themes, here’s quite a few sites that give you free themes for your NDS and NDS lite:

NDS Themes by Atma Xplorer Game archive – Your number one stop for PSP and DS downloads 😀

R4DS Skins By Aceman Online – Aceman has a nifty collection of themes. These range from babe skins, game character skins, manga/anime skins, Spongebob Squarepants skins and even Vista style skins!

NDSThemes. – NDSThemes is one of the biggest theme sites that I’ve seen. It’s got a bubbly community and hosts thousands of R4DS themes and NDS themes for your consumption. And did I mention it’s free?

Want more? How about free games? 😀 😀 :D. Yep. You can download free DSi games, free ds lite games and just plain old free nintendo ds games right here! All these downloads are brought to you by Atma Xplorer Game archiv. Your number one stop for PSP and DS downloads. So yeah, there’s quite a few free PSP games up there too.

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