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Cafe World Cheats, Tips and Hacks

One of the few facebook games that  get masssive following is Cafe World but like most games on the platform, if you want to be ahead, you need to have a few Cafe World tricks up from that sleeves to help you gain more points and coins. Like other posts in the series, this is to help you enjoy your play through of Cafe World by giving you a list of list of Cafe World Cheats, Cafe World Tips, and Cafe World Hacks.

But upon reading this, you must be asking, what is Cafe World? Cafe World is a Facebook game application developed by Zynga of the same fame from Mafia Wars, Zynga Hold ‘em Poker, Farmville, YoVille, Vampire Wars and Roller Coaster Kingdom.  Zynga?  Yep.  The very same guys that make addicting games that go big 😀

Lets start the guide with some basic Cafe World Tips then some Cafe World Cheats and Cafe World Hacks.

Cafe World Tips:

  1. Have a plan.  Make sure that what you’re cooking will be in sync with what you plan for the day.  If you’re going to be gone for a while , cook something that takes as long as you’re offline.
  2. Close the cafe by removing the door.  You can close the cafe because you’re out of food or will be gone indefinitely. 🙂
  3. Visit your neighbors frequently.
  4. Food that takes longer to cook also takes longer to spoil.
  5. Highest Buzz rating is 105. The higher the Buzz rating, the more customers will enter you cafe, the more dishes you need to serve, the more coins you earn.

In-game Cafe World Cheats:

Now those Cafe World Tips probably helped but I’m quite sure you’re looking for something a bit more, hacky… 🙂  So here’s some in-game Cafe World cheats 🙂  Do note that we at Atma Xplorer do not support cheating 🙂  We merely acknowledge the fact that they exist and share them to you for educational purposes 🙂  Now without further ado…. here’s the  list of Cafe World Cheats.

In-game Cafe World Cheats:

Corner your cook or use a similar layout to separate your cook from the customers.  If you do this, food be served instantly, removing the dreaded waiting time! See the image of the trick below.  If you’re playing restaurant city, this is a common strategy.


Cheat Software for Cafe World /Cheats Cafe World Software Cheats:

If you’ve played any other facebook flash game and cheated (used cheats, hacks, etc) on them, then Cheat Engine should already be familiar to you. The hacks below required Cheat Engine 5.5 to be installed.

  1. Cafe World Speed Hack
  2. Cafe World Cheat Engine 5.5 Unlimited Chairs and Table Hack
    This hack requires exactly 4 tables and 4 chairs. That’s it. No more, no less. 😀 And cheat engine of course.
  3. Cafe World Cheat Engine 5.5 Unlimited Stove
    This is a Cafe World Cheat that allows you to obtain unlimited stove.

Do note that these hacks will stop working when you refresh the game. Also do note that Zynga does do it’s job and shuts down any hack once it gets reported enough so be sure to bookmark this page to keep yourself updated on the latest information about Cafe World Cheat, Hacks and Tricks :D. Subscribe to Atma Xplorer’s rss feeds or subscribe your email via the form below:

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Stay tuned for more facebook game cheats, hacks and tricks.

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