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Dissidia Translation Guide

The Dissidia Translation Guide is part of the Final Fantasy Dissidia Comprehensive Guide for the PlayStation Portable. And yes, Dissidia is currently one of the hottest selling games on Japanese soil.

Final Fantasy Dissidia is as of yet, a purely Japanese game (the English game is scheduled for June 2009), which is why this guide was created so that Non-Japanese reading gamers can play and enjoy the game now instead of 6 months later. The Dissidia Translation Guide covers the basics and more.

Yes, yes I know you’re itching for the guide, so without further ado, go ahead and read up the Dissidia Translation Guide.

To start off, here’s the full translation of Dissidia’s Menu:

  • Story Mode
  • Duel Coliseum(Must be unlocked)
  • Quick Battle
    • Map
    • CPU Strength
    • CPU Lv
    • Type
      • Random
      • Strategic
      • Brave/Courageous
      • Calamitous
      • Cautious
      • Calm
      • Desperate/Extreme
      • Gentle/Considerate
      • Offensive/Berserk/Onslaught-like
    • Rules (catalog before you can use)
      • None
      • Trial of Cosmos
      • Trial of Chaos
      • Double Judgment
      • Random
  • Connection Mode
    • Online Lobby
    • Offline Lobby
    • Friend Card Edit
    • Artifact
    • Communication
  • PP Catalogue
    Garland ——–500 PP
    Golbeza ——–500 PP
    EX Death ——-500 PP
    Kefka ———-500 PP
    Sephiroth ——-500 PP
    Ultimecia ——-500 PP
    Kuja ———–500 PP
    Jecht ———–500 PP
    Shantotto ——–1000PP
    Gabranth ——–1000PP
    Another Form-Warrior of Light ——–300 PP
    Another Form-Garland—————300 PP
    Another Form-Fririonel—————300 PP
    Another Form-Palamecia ————-300 PP
    Another Form-Onion Knight ———–300 PP
    Another Form-Cloud of Darkness ——300 PP
    Another Form-Cecil —————–300 PP
    Another Form-Golbeza ————–300 PP
    Another Form-Butz —————–300 PP
    Another Form-EX Death ————-300 PP
    Another Form-Tina —————–300 PP
    Another Form-Kefka —————-300 PP
    Another Form-Cloud —————-300 PP
    Another Form-Sephiroth ————-300 PP
    Another Form-Squall —————-300 PP
    Another Form-Ultimecia ————-300 PP
    Another Form-Zidane —————300 PP
    Another Form-Kuja —————–300 PP
    Another Form-Tidus —————-300 PP
    Another Form-Jecht —————–300 PP
    Encounter Voice -Same order as above –100 PP
    Sample Voice -Same order as above —-100 PP–SYSTEM–
    Get AP Online Unlock ———-300 PP
    Get GIL Online Unlock ———-300 PP
    Get Item Online Unlock ———300 PP
    Get Accessories Online Unlock —300 PP
    Battlerizer Online ————–300 PP
    ?something about battleriser cost -300 PP
    Lv(CPU)/LvCAP+10 ———100 PP
    Lv(CPU)/LvCAP+20 ———100 PP
    Lv(CPU)/LvCAP+30 ———100 PP

    EXP Icon Lv2 ———50 PP
    EXP Icon Lv3 ———100 PP
    EXP Icon Lv4 ———150 PP
    EXP Icon Lv5 ———200 PP
    PP Icon Lv2 ———-100 PP
    PP Icon Lv3 ———-300 PP
    GIL Icon Lv2 ———50 PP
    GIL Icon Lv3 ———100 PP
    GIL Icon Lv4 ———150 PP
    GIL Icon Lv5 ———200 PP
    AP Icon Lv2 ———100 PP
    Calendar Icon Bonus Up Lv2 ———50 PP
    Calendar Icon Bonus Up Lv3 ———100 PP
    Calendar Icon Bonus Up Lv4 ———150 PP
    Calendar icon Bonus Up Lv5 ———200 PP

    No.007-010 [FFI] 4th Set ———250 PP
    No.030-034 [FFII] 5th Set ———310 PP
    No.054-057 [FFIII] 6th Set ———250 PP

    Item Drop Up-30 PP
    Battleriser Up-30 PP
    Friend Slot Up Lv1 & Lv2 ———100 PP
    Friend Slot Up Lv3 & Lv4 ———200 PP
    Friend Slot Up Lv5 & lv6 ———300 PP

  • Museum
    • Character Files
      • Main Characters
    • Character Files
      • Summons
    • Theater
      • Watch cut scenes
      • Listen to BGM
      • Listen to Voices
    • Cosmos Reports
    • Chaos Reports
    • Player Icons
    • Records
    • Replay
      • Watch/Edit Replay
      • Delete Replay
      • Output to Video
        • Low Quality
        • Medium Quality
        • High Quality
  • Player Data Setup
    • Player Name
    • Play Plan
    • Special Day
      • Monday
      • Tuesday
      • Wednesday
      • Thursday
      • Friday
      • Saturday
      • Sunday
  • Option – Option —– Start=Default
    • Battle Tutorial
    • Brave Attack and HP Attack
    • EXP Explanation
    • Ex Mode and Ex Burst
    • Etc
    • Camera Control
      • Normal
      • Reverse
    • Camera Control Horizontal
      • Normal
      • Reverse
    • Camera Movement
      • Auto
      • Manual
    • Character Movement
      • Arrow Keys
      • Analogue
    • Camera Movement Speed
      • Slow
      • Normal
      • Fast
    • Movie Subtitles
      • On
      • Off
    • Lock-on Cursor
      • On
      • Off
    • Target Marker Cursor
      • On
      • Off
    • Battle Lockon Ready (determines if you want to be locked on at the beginning
      of the battle or not)

      • On
      • Off
    • Battle Length type
      • Shoot
      • Long
      • Random
    • Battle Information
      • Beginner
      • Normal
      • Off
    • BGM Volume
      • On
      • Off
    • SE Volume
      • On
      • Off
    • Voice Volume
      • On
      • Off
    • Event Subtitles
      • On
      • Off
      • Action Battle
      • Command Battle
    • -Battle Mode

    • Event All Skip
    • Battle Replay
      • On
      • Off
    • Data Save
      • Save
      • Halt
    • Data Install Total
  • Customize Menu
    L=Battle Tips []=Mognet (Calender) ^=Form Change Select=Set Style R= Plan Change
    Abilities Select=Set Style
    -Attack Abilities
    –Brave Attacks
    –HP Attacks
    -Body Abilities
    -Remove All
    -Full ListItem (Equipment)
    -Remove All
    -Remove All


  • EX Mode
  • Battle Rise
  • Mission (Triangle)=Sort (Square)=Change View
  • Shop
    • Buy
    • Sell
  • Option
  • Map Pause Menu
    • Continue
    • Save & Quit
      • Yes
      • No
    • Surrender
      • Yes
      • No
        • Restart Level
        • Exit to Character Select Screen
        • Exit to Main Menu
    • Help
  • Help Manual – (Press Start on Customize menu)
    • Help Manual Part 1
    • Help Manual Part 2
    • Let’s Learn the Status
    • Chocobo Walks – For each time you fight, he moves one step forward, Even if you lose, the -chocobo will move forward
    • Chocobo Hungers
    • Chocobo Tires
    • Chocobo Knows
    • Let’s Learn Abilities
    • Let’s Learn Items
    • Let’s Learn Accessories
    • Mission Time!
    • Shop Time!
  • Battle Rise Menu
    • Default
    • Target Order
    • Action Order
    • Probability Order
  • Mission Menu
    • Default
    • Numerical Order
    • Progress Order
    • Reward/Pay Order
    • Condition/Requirement Order

Head to the next page for the next part of the Dissidia Translation Guide, the Main Menu and more

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  1. bloodycurse_25 Benjo January 1, 2009 Reply


    can you please include the list of items ” rings , swords ,armors etc in english if its possible. I knw its too much to ask but will be greatly appreciated. ^_^

    Im having difficulty understading on how to meet their requirements as to unleash their benefits during battle. I think it has something to do w/ “Battle Raise”. thanks


    your Guide is very helpful.

  2. Happy New Year

  3. leojass leo January 1, 2009 Reply

    thank you this help a lots but im trying to get ac cloud and it not it triangle is not doing it it try i payed for the right one i think

  4. legolas626 Doug January 2, 2009 Reply

    When you buy an alt form of a character, you have to go into their customization menu and press triangle to change form.

  5. huan22 Huan22 January 17, 2009 Reply

    Very nice game, hoping to get it soon. I’ll even go with the japanese version, as long as I can get it as soon as possible

    Huan22´s last entry was: Worm-in-the-House

  6. annoying_person12 TeLi January 19, 2009 Reply

    hey does anyone know how to activate jecht chase technique from the basic combo that he has to begin with? i keep doing it by accident but cant figure out how i actually did it..

  7. masterl anthony faucher January 30, 2009 Reply

    is there any way in which you could provide a full detailed page on how the buttons and hw they are used and if possible how to use summons exc

    this a very good guide tho i must say

  8. smarty_harr harry February 7, 2009 Reply

    i’m having problems with the Dp chances in story mode i dont know exactly what they are to get the DP? can you plz help cuz i really need some treasures from story mode

  9. rgbasco riza basco March 27, 2009 Reply

    can u please add details for the accecories, since it’s japanese i’m having a difficult time to understand it

  10. infamousKB Russ March 29, 2009 Reply

    dude you rock

  11. sephiroth shhh May 20, 2009 Reply

    This is extremely helpful and well-done. You ROCK. There are some typos and spelling errors, though.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade May 20, 2009 Reply

      I’ll get to that, but it’s too long to fix 🙁

  12. masterashuya final_fantasy_dissidia_RULZ! May 30, 2009 Reply

    that uhhhhh……… a little i need how to unlock shantotto

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