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PSP-3000, confirmed and shipping soon

SCEA managed to pull another fast one on us as they’ve just announced the North American details concerning the PSP-3000 complete with release date. Sure rumors have been floating around for the past month but I didn’t expect the unit to pop out so soon.

3000 vs 2000

If you’ve just bought a PSP-2000 or Slim & Lite in the past year, you’re likely curious as to how unit is different from what you’re currently holding. Sadly, there’s not a lot to get me excited.
The PSP-3000 series will look like PSP-2000. Much unlike the difference between the PSP-1000 and the PSP-2000, the new model seems just like an upgrade. Added features are as follows:

  • Built-in microphone
  • Enhanced, brighter screen
  • Enhanced Video-Out

The built-in mic is a huge plus for regular Skype and Go messenger users who don’t want to swap their current headsets for more cumbersome Skype-able ones. As for the screen, I’m hoping that it lives to it’s promies, and be able resist glare. This will be quite indispensable for outdoor gaming.
THe video-out has been upgraded enhanced to accomodate televisions that don’t support a progressive output (that means non-HDTVs).

Is it worth it?

Yes and no. Yes if you’re looking to get that better screen, and be able to use all your current accessories. No if you’ve just bought a PSP-2000 and are contemplating on getting the new unit.

When will I get my hands on this?

The PSP-3000 series will be available on October 15th in Europe (why not Japan or US first? Hmm…) and will retail for €199, approximately USD 294 or PHP 13,500 and will be available in several bundles, 3 of which have been annoucned and are listed below:

Ratchet & Clank PSP Entertainment Pack

Price: $199.99
Launch date: October 15.

  • Mystic Silver PSP-3000
  • AC adaptor and battery pac
  • Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
  • National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets UMD
  • echochrome PSN voucher
  • 1GB Memory Stick PRO duo

PSP 4GB Memory Entertainment Pack

Price: $199.99
Launch date: November.

  • Piano Black PSP-3000
  • AC adaptor and battery pack
  • 4GB Memory Stick PRO duo
  • Everyday Shooter PSN voucher

PSP Core Pack

Price: $199.99
Launch date: TBA

  • Piano Black PSP-3000
  • AC adaptor and battery pack.


Now while the PSP-3000 doesn’t look much of an upgrade, there’s some rumors of more features along the way making the PSP-3000 a sort of PSP 3.0. Here’s a list of supposed future improvements:

  • Brighter LCD with quicker response time (12ms vs the current 60ms in the slim – prevents ghosting and black smearing)
  • Improved UMD lens system with less power usage
  • More durable case
  • Longer-life battery (~4200mAh)
  • 480p video output being considered, might not be in the final (vs. 480i in the PSP-2000)

Now if you’re considering on buying the newer models, I suggest waiting for PSP 3.1

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