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Magic Stones: RPG and Card game rolled into one

As a Collectible Card Game fan (notable names in this field of interest are Magic: The Gathering and Legend of the Five Rings) I’ve always wanted to play (card) games without spending all that cash trying to build that deck of all decks.  This is probably the reason why Pokemon Trading Card on the Gameboy was such as hit to me XD.

In any case, I stumbled on an interesting game called Magicstones.  How interesting?  It’s basically a card game and a role-playing game rolled into one.  Sounds dubious?  Not really.

Magicstones is a game based on Celtic mythology, and places you in the land of Aravorn, where like in most RPGs, you battle the forces of evil, find treasure, join in tournaments and of course, be the strongest that you can be (Dragon Ball? XD).  Now if that tickled your fancy why not add Magicstones to your list of to-download rpg games?

Magicstones features 3 play modes; Gather Artifact, Challenge Druid, and Quest Mode.

Gather Artifact, you can consider it the beginners mode, allows you to roam around Aravorn and do some good old dungeon exploring.  The reward for your efforts will be in the form of amulets, rune, etc that’s certain to boost you from beginner to novice or higher.

For Challenge Druid, the difficulty is upped a bit as you battle it out with 16 different druids in a tournament/duel to the death and the winner is the the last man standing.

And lastly, Quest Mode.  What’s an RPG game without quests?  Your reward for the tasks done in this mode unlocks quite a few nifty caveats like new creatures, items as well as new unique neutral creatures and/or characters.  What’s interesting is that quests are updated every 3-4 months for FREE!

Note that the update is only available only to registered users.  If you’ve decided to try the game out, can download the game and try it here for free.

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