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ToyCon Day 1 Aftermath

It was just day 1 and Toy Con was already jampacked with cosplay fanatics, toy lovers, frequent event goers and people who bit into the plug by Sir Mike Enriquez last friday. A big kudos to the marketing department for that. Toy Con was so packed I couldn’t move around to look for cosplayers AND the toys I wanted to buy (as if I had the money for them 🙂 )

Although the event used 2 Megatrade Halls, I can’t help but wishing they had 3.

Overall though, I think I can sum up the event aftermath from several point of views, starting with the avid cosplay fanatic, the toy lover/collector and the frequent or the newbie event goer.

To those who haven’t gone to Day 1, here’s a shout out for one of the biggest events in the country.

What: The 7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2008
When: June 14-15, 2008, Saturday- Sunday
Where: Megatrade Hall 2-3, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Let’s start of with the event goers since they’re the most numerous of the bunch.

Event Goers

  • Toy Con delivered as promised
  • Yep, whether you’re interested in seeing cosplayers, you favorite character’s toy line up, comic books, collectibles etc, Toy Con 07 has got them all. I even manage to find (not buy) a store that was selling Haro Alarm clocks (will try to get this on my next adsense paycheck ^_^) so it more or less proves that Toycon has gathered most if not all of the great finds.

  • Toy Con was fun
  • I’m not sure if everyone was able to watch the full on-stage show but it was quite informative, I for one especially enjoyed the panel discussion with the comic creators. There was lots of interesting booths to but I wasn’t able to visit most of them so I stuck to the ones that I needed to go to the most, the E-games booth for a Cabal Tshirt and a free poster (yeah my joys are just that shallow)

  • Toy Con has what you want
  • Unlike other events that specialize in animes, Toy Con has appeals to many interested parties. I know a couple people who went to the event not for the cosplayers or the event program but for the collectible shops to complete their comics/figure collection. Day 2 promises to be even more interesting since a few TV personalities are set for an on-stage discussion.

Toy lover/collector

  • Toy Con gathered most of the best shops around
  • I know a few toy shops but not ones that carry a solid collection of Gundam Mobile Suit kits so finding one that carries not only Marvel stuff but also Gunpla (Gundam Plastic) kits was a big plus. With a 30 second exchange, I was able to find several kits that was in my must buy collection (like the Hyaku Shiki 1/100 kit) and the Haro Alarm clock. What’s more I found that said shop had a site (should’ve been a no brainer, you’ll see that in the next sentence) where you can look up toy catalogues and which branch has what. The store name? I wonder how I could’ve missed that =_=.

    There were lots of magazine sellers too but I wasn’t able to dive into their selling bin because the lanes were quite cramped due to the sheer number of interested buyers. Will try today but I seriously doubt I’ll get out of there alive.

  • Toy Con’s best of the best
  • I’m usually in awe of the collections on display at the convention because of the time spend collecting them and the dedication put into it. This year wasn’t a disappointment in that line and although there were some items that fall into “I’ve seen this last year” category, I found several new displays (like the Hulk collection, nice timing for it) that really rocked my world. I’m hoping that a friend’s contact will be able to display his collection to day, he’s one of the few who’s collections ( he’ll be bringing Gun-pla) that I’m really interested in seeing.

I won’t be posting the last category since the Cosplay Event still isn’t done. I’ll just update and tie it to the next post. Till then, see you at the convention.

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  1. ron.delrosario Ron June 21, 2008 Reply

    I went on day 2. I really enjoyed the cosplay presentations – most were wacky nutjobs dancing to crazy tunes. lol I really liked the power rangers presentation – the green ranger flute music brought back sweet childhood memories! haha

    Rons last blog post..Help Mozilla set a World Record! Download Firefox 3!

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