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Is this Sony’s first step at a Playstation Phone?

Many PSP enthusiasts and Sony Fanboys have already dreamed of having a playstation-based phone (or the other way) around, one that can take the constant abuse of avid gaming for titles like Crisis Core (especially if you have the Crisis Core Materia Fusion Guide Handy). The addition of Skype onto our beloved portable console has given us a taste of what it’ll be like to have our console act like our phones and with Sony Ericsson’s lastest product, I’m thinking that they’re on their way to turn that idea around (turn our phones into consoles).

Meet the Sony Ericsson F305. It’s the company’s first official foray into the Motion Gaming-enabled phone (similar to the N-Gage but hopefully it won’t end up like it) that’s a quad-band GSM phone with support for EDGE network speeds.

Ericsson Game Phone

My first impression? it looks more like a Wii than a Playstation Phone.

Why a Wii? Because the F305 allows you to use movement to play the game (basically it takes motion as the input) so if you want to play the pre-loaded Bowling game for example, just imitate the movement of the bowling ball throw with the F305. As a Wii player, this is rather exciting.

The more obvious set of features are the O and X buttons (which are of the Playstation lineage) and shortcut keys to your games. F305 also carries loud stereo speakers (at the back) to please aesthetically in-tuned people who for some reason hate head/earphones. You can also have multiplayer via Bluetooth and hopefully some other form of connectivity.

With the avid gamer in mind, if your F305 is running low on power (meaning you’ve played for 7 hours straight!), just plug an extra accessory in the battery called the Power Pack CCP-100 and you can resume your non-stop.. err bowling.

Other features include:

  • MP3/ACC+ playback
  • 10MB onboard (sucky small) with a Memory Stick Micro expansion slot
  • Wireless Music streaming via Bluetooth A2DP profile
  • A built-in FM radio with track recognition (finally you can stop wondering what song’s playing!)
  • 2-inch TFT display with 176 x 220 pixels, and up to 262.144 colours
  • Dimensions: 96 x 47 x 14.6 mm
  • Weight: 97.5 grams

As for the price, there’s no word on it yet but you can expect the price tag to be relatively low, since it’s a low/mid-end phone. The F305 is set for release in the 3rd Quarter of this year.

Having Crisis Core Materia Fusion Guide will probably be useless even if you have this phone since it’s still no PSP but it’s a start.

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