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Costumes, cosplays, conventions and getting hooked to them

There’s always something about cosplays that draws me to it.  From sexy costumes to amazing feats of creativity and engineering (yeah, it’s not just about the pretty girls), cosplay has gone from a fad that’s just for geeks and otakus to every one who loves to don a costume or simply standout.

Hey, there’s even children’s costumes too.  Here’s a quick sample.

Cute right?

Now, cutesy stuff aside, men touting DSLRs (like me for example) simply love showstealers like a hot adult female in costume.  It makes all the effort of going to a convention (like the upcoming Toy Con 2008) all the more worth it especially when your shot comes out picture-perfect.  But seeing that more and more people are getting intested in cosplay photography, you may need to go the extra mile like what I did below:

Caption: Must see Alodia, must see Alodia.

You may be asking, I’m interested in doing cosplays but don’t know where to start.  First off, the easiest way is looking for a local seamstress or tailor that can do your bidding.

If you can’t find one, then why not try Halloween Adventure.  Don’t let the name fool you, they have more than just Halloween themed costumes and these range from popular icons like Harry Potter to Super Heroes and to even Historically-themed ones (medieval, egyptian, ancient greece).  They even have quite a selection of accessories (like wigs and hats, I think I found a wig that I need for an upcoming cosplay plan) and other props to help you give more personality to your costumes.  What’s more they have sizes for everyone, from children costumes, teens to full-sized (and over) adults halloween costumes.

It’s like a one-stop costume shop with over 10,000 items up for grabs.  Order online and have it delivered right to your doorstep.  Neat huh?

They also have a quick & easy return policy and an option for same day shipping.  How can you go wrong with that?

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  1. retrogamer64 hottietin June 14, 2008 Reply

    ahaha. ang kyut nung inu yasha na kid. 😀

  2. forum.providence TEEJAY July 2, 2008 Reply

    Something I have noticed. I’ve think we’ve met in Glorietta. I believe you’re the guy with the big sword. I am not sure about the character but you posed for us :p

    TEEJAYs last blog post..Create jQuery Tabs without UI

  3. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade July 2, 2008 Reply

    Umm Photo Asia? I don’t think that’s me po. I wasn’t able to attend the event because I was sick =(

  4. forum.providence Teejay July 8, 2008 Reply

    I took a photo of the same Inuyasha kid on this post. Weren’t you there?

    Teejays last blog post..Tutorial Tryouts: Wavy Blackberry Style Effect

  5. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade July 8, 2008 Reply


    That pic is from a friend, posted with permission. Sorry for the confusion.

  6. forum.providence Teejay July 21, 2008 Reply

    No problem :p

    Teejays last blog post..Twiddlah: Web Based Meeting Playground

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