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Gundam 00 – Episode 17 and 18

Episode 17 and 18 gives the slowing pace of the series a much need boost. So much that it’s moved even me =(

What’s new? Well quite a lot, but for those waiting for Code Geass, the anime that has Gundam 00‘s time slot, we get a short preview (end of episode 18) confirming that the second series is due out for April 5. Can’t wait for that.

Also, last February 6, the full version of the new opening song Ash Like Snow by Brilliant Green hit the stores so a copy is already available at your favorite Jpop or Anime Soundtrack source.

Here’s the video if you’re interested. It’s quite a catchy song IMO.

Episode 17

Celestial Being and the Trinity siblings (yes, they’re blood-related) meet face to face for the first time and in the short exchange, we get to see their characteristics.

  • Nena is Obsessive, Compulsive. She’s cutesy but quite heartless (as you’ll find out later). She seems to have a thing for Setsuna to the dismay of Michael.
  • Johann is a calm and composed soldier. The perfect example of a cold blooded killer.
  • Michael is a manical and hot-headed figure. Sort of like the Extended from Gundam Seed.

As an interesting note, CB’s Haro (orange) is also the younger brother of the Trinity’s Haro (purple) though he isn’t remembered by the purple one.

Gundam 00 Gundam 00

Gundam 00 Gundam 00

For now, we know that the Trinity’s operate outside of Veda’s plan yet seem to access to CB’s plans (explains how they were able to save them). it’s still not clear where they get their missions from, it’s quite obvious early on that they’ll be clashing with CB in one way or another. Although they still wave the “to stop war” flag, their methods of interventions are much more brutal (in contrast to Setsuna).

Still interested in the Technology behind the Gundams, Dr. Eifman was killed by the Trinity’s in an attack on the Overflags base. He was able to link the manned project sent to Jupiter as well as the true goal of Aeola Schoenberg but he was killed before he could tell anyone about it.

With regards to the Gundams, I’ve always been wondering why Gundam Drei seems under powered, even when compared to the original CB units. In this episode we see it’s true purpose, an additional power source that docks with other Gundams to increase firepower (from a boost in GN particles). It’s similar to the technology used in Gundam X.

As for Saji and Louise, they’re still taking much of the episode’s time with very little contribution to the plot. Louise heads to Spain for a wedding towards the end of the episode.

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