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Custom Firmware 3.90 M33 brings VoIP

Hmm.. while my net connection was out (both of them, Globe and PLDT) Dark Alex (or team M33) has released the latest version of PSP’s firmware. What I like about the new firmware? Mm… Skype ^^ It’s basically VoIP on the go. On that note, you might be interested on some predictions on how VoIP is going to change how we know gaming.

Now I’ll trade shelf my current Phillips headphones and by a for-Skype one or get one of those cheap heatsets.


  • PSP Phat or PSP Slim with 3.52 M33-4 or higher.
  • PSP battery that’s at least 78% full
  • The 3.90 M33 | Mirror1 | Mirror 2 installation file
  • Set the kernel to 3.80: do this by (hard) booting your psp while holding the R button. Go to Configuration, look for the kernel configuration and set it to 3.52
  • If you want to install the 1.50 kernel on your PSP Phat you can download the 3.90 version from any of these sites QJ-Net or PSP-Hacks

Now thanks to the M33 team’s foresight, you now have 2 options to install the new firmware, you can do it either manually (the old fashioned way) or automatically via network update.

Manual Installation of 3.90 M33 :

  • Extract the 3.90 M33 files to your computer.
  • Copy the Update folder to X:/PSP/GAME/ on your PSP’s memory stick.
  • Download the official 3.90 firmware and rename the EBOOT.PBP to 390.PBP.
  • Copy the 380.PBP to the directory; X:/PSP/GAME/ on your PSP’s memory stick.
  • Run 3.90 UPDATE from under Game on your PSP’s XMB
  • Press X if asked to correct idstorage keys
  • Continue to install the official 3.90 SONY when prompted
  • After all process is complete, press X. Your PSP will reboot.
  • Congratulations, you’ve just installed 3.90 M33

Automatic Installation of 3.90 M33:

Note that this feature that is only available to 3.80 M33 or higher.

Go to System -> Network Update. If have configured a proper wireless connection, your PSP will connect to the internet and download things automatically. If there´s any update (bugfix or new firmwares) available, it will download it and ask if you want to run it straightaway or otherwise it will tell you to run it via the Game menu.

The Network Update feature will allow you to 3.80 M33 to 3.90 M33, downloading both the M33 patch and the Official SONY v3.90 Firmware Update EBOOT in the process. Interesting huh?

Here’s a couple of screens of 3.90 M33 on my PSP Slim

3.90 M33

Skype on my PSP’s XMB

Skype on PSP

Installing the 1.50 Kernel compatibility (FOR PSP Phat ONLY)

Note: This update is totaly independent of the 3.90 M33 version installed (1, 2, or future ones).

  • Download the 1.50 Kernel addon for 3.90.
  • Uncompress the file and copy the “150k_Addon” folder to X:/PSP/GAME/
  • Download the 1.50 Official SONY Update, unzip and rename the EBOOT.PBP file to 150.PBP. Then copy it into the root of your Memory Stick.
  • Run the 1.50 Kernel Installer for 3.90 M33 from under Game on your PSP’s XMB
  • The updater will remind you that once installed you will loose the Location Free Player and Korean font. Press X to agree, and the Update will be installed.
  • After installation, your fat PSP will now be able to execute homebrew applications based in 1.50 Kernel. (Remember that by default all 1.50 Kernel Homebrew should be installed in the X :/PSP/GAME150/ folder).

So what’s changed in 3.90 M33?

  • Now uses 3.90 firmware
  • March33 NO UMD: fixed (yet another) bug related with exiting with home. (infinite semaphore wait)
  • The degeneration check and correction of IDS keys happens too in 3.71 now.
  • Added code to download 3.90 PBP from net via wifi. Note that his code is not yet 100% stable, it may crash when selecting AP. In that case,reinit the installer.
  • L+triangle has been restored as method to bypass battery. If you already have 390.PBP keep those buttons pressed until you see “Veryfing 390.PBP”. If the 390.PBP is being downloaded bia wifi, press those buttons at the end of download until you see the previous sentence.
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  1. Jaypee February 6, 2008 Reply

    Sorry out of topic. Just wanna congratulate you on your brand new premium theme! Looks good on your blog. 😀

    Jaypee’s last blog post..WordPress 2.3.3

  2. sylv3rblade February 6, 2008 Reply

    hehe thanks. I love it. It requires some effort (requires 2 images per post) but it’s worth it. Thanks ulit hehe.

  3. joe February 7, 2008 Reply

    i was wondering if i can upgrade to version 3.90 m33 on my psp but i already have version 3.90 regular is there a way to upgrade and if there is can you message me back please

  4. sylv3rblade February 7, 2008 Reply

    Hello Joe, seeing as you are still using the official firmware, I’d like to ask what kind PSP do you have? Slim or Phat? If you’re on a slim then you can just install 3.60 M33 on it then move up to 3.71 M33 then 3.80 M33 then 3.90 M33

    If you’re on a Phat then you have to downgrade it all the way to 1.50 then move to 3.52 then 3.71 M33 then 3.80 M33 then 3.90 M33.

    A guide can be found on my earlier post, here.

  5. hard core sk8er February 7, 2008 Reply

    so…. if you currently have 3.80 M33 and you go all the way to the top left of the XMB menu where it says network update the psp will get 3.90 M33 ??

  6. sylv3rblade February 8, 2008 Reply

    so long as you’re connected to a wifi network.. yes

  7. hard core sk8er February 14, 2008 Reply

    sweet thanks man

  8. Viruz April 12, 2008 Reply

    hi guys,whats the difference between 3.90 and 3.90 M33?

  9. sylv3rblade April 13, 2008 Reply

    Just 3.90 is the Official Firmware. It’s the one Sony ships with new PSPs that lack the capability to play ISOs/CSOs and homebrew apps which to say the least means you need to buy Game UMDs in order to enjoy it. 3.90 M33 is the Custom Firmware which gives you the said options and more

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