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RF Online PH’s New Server – Xenos

I entirely forgot to post this last night since I got excited re-participating in the 9:00 pm Chip Wars and ended PL-ing my Hecate to level. Lo and behold, RF Online Philippines has upped a new server, Xenos.

RF Online Xenos

As of yet, no details concerning the Exp, PT and drop rate for the new server has been announced but I’ll keep you updated any news that comes my way. The winner of the name that server contest will be announced probably later in the day during or after maintainance. The contest mechanics stated the list was to be available after the server has launched (which it already did) but as of the moment there’s no clue as to who won the contest.
If you’re interested in joining us on Novus, register now to play the first sci-fi MMORPG and download the full RF game.

Also take note that the next patch for RF Online (Update 6? Not really sure, LUG doesn’t indicate anything to keep us up-to-date) is already available, Crimson Dawn. You can download it now from the RF site or the Level UP FTP one to save yourself the trouble of downloading it along with thousands of other players when it comes out.

Note: Don’t install the new patch/game copy until further announcement from LUG

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