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Guide to Programming Series: Week 2

So What do I pick?

As I’ve said in the beginning, there is no single “best” programming language exists. If you want to see what’s best for you, try out one of the the popular High Level Languages like C++ or Java. From there you can branch out to RADs or even web development.

In a professional point of view, if you want your skills to be able to land you a job, look for a language that many company still use but have fewer programmers like COBOL. The most lucraative market at the moment is databases development. To get into this field, you have prior knowledge in database management and at least one of the languages that are able to communicate with databases.

In the web development field, aside from HTML know-how, and gain some familiarity with Java, JavaScript, VBScript, or Actionscript.

In the end, the best programming language to master is that one that enables you to accomplish the task that you want as quickly and easily as possible. No matter which language you pick though, your programs aren’t going to create themselves. Read up and compare on what you can and cannot do on each of the languages you want to learn and LEARN them.

That’s all for now. Wait for next week’s Series, Writing a Program.

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