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RF Online [Episode 2]: Updates Part 2

Continued from Part 1

The New Continent, the Elf Area

[1]: Changes to the race leader system

1. Structure.
? 1 Patriarch, 2 sub-patriarchs, 6 officers ? 9 board members
? The race leader election will stay the same as before (7 days)
? The patriarch cannot use all chat options, and will play a role to direct and to manage.

The election appoints the Patriarch, a Sub-Patriarch and three Officers (offensive, defensive and support).
After the election, the Patriarch can appoint a second Sub-Patriarch and another three Officers (offensive, defensive and support).
This makes up the 9 board members of the race.

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[2]: The changes to the mine system.

1. Race quest changes
? If a player hunts the other race?s guard monster during the race quest, the player will be able to gain the ?Holy Mental Scanner?.
? If the race wins the Chip War but the player fails the race quest they will not be able to mine in the core.
? Only Players who complete the quest can mine in the Core.
? There are no restrictions to mining in other areas.

2. Race quest reward changes
? Contribution points: 1000
? Race money: 50,000
? Grant the right to mine in the core (only when the ?Holy mental scanner? is obtained)

3. The appearance of a new pitboss
? A new pitboss, ?Earthquaker? will appear in the Crag Mine.
Earthquaker appears randomly near each of the races? portals of the Crag Mine.

4. The Barricade Structures added near the control equipment which will compliment the collision detection system that has already been added.

5. Other system changes
? Except the core area that is guarded by the keeper, all the mining areas? mining interval is changed from 1 minute to 5 minutes.
? The Holy stone keeper will now attack those within a set range inside the mining area at random.
? All the monsters in the mine have been changed to aggressive behaviour.

Geographical Changes

[1]: Elf Map added
The Elf area is located in Asuria, a southern grassland. Will be the raid area for quests and the players will be able to fight against stronger monsters and gain more powerful items.

Lumenion Nortir: A forest where time has stopped

Medikeill Horon: A hill of the dead.

Bastiellar Lotron: The land of beasts

Mustion Disel: The castle of the expelled

Tpactiell Horonsil: A tomb of the ancients

Ka-Eletrio Tielen: Indestructible Tower

Feisil Sectia: Prayer Altar

[2]: Existing maps rearranged
Maps have been rearranged to promote a more adventurous atmosphere and style of play, instead of the linear progression of hunting.

In the process of transforming the maps to a more adventurous style the port system has been adjusted as well and the initial 12 maps have been expanded to 48 maps which in the future will be expanded to 160 maps including the space map.

The list of the Asuria Land

From top left:

  • Loser?s Path, Elan,
  • Revival Forest, Sette Desert, A-101, Lesseps Base, Borun Camp
  • A213, Holy Spirit?s Meadow, Black Forest, Flems? Garden, Nerval Forest
  • Land of Freedom, Hill of Sorrow, Anacaade, Accretia advance base, Cora advance base, Bellato advance base
  • Lost Stairs, Solus, Fairy?s Hill
  • Ertiar Valley, The land of Plague, Accretia HQ, Cora HQ, Bellato HQ
  • A-117, Path of revival
  • Giant?s Nest, Path of Wind, Cauldron,
  • Haram, Windy Desert, Twilight Hill, Lumerion Notira
  • Cat?s Eye
  • Festival of the Dead, Vinyl Forest, Numerus

[3] : Starting Point Changes

New player experience has been improved with new characters now starting at a boot camp for their race, where they will be taught all the basics whilst they hunt appropriate monsters instead of starting at a race?s HQ.

New items and skills added

[1] : Lv 50 Race Specials (armor, summoner, siege) added

Race specials added for the three races at level 50.

First: Bellato, lv 50 MAU Goliath
Second: Bellato, lv 50 MAU Catapult

Cora, lvl 50, Animus (Isis)

First: Accretia, lv 50 launcher
Second: Accretia, lv 50 siege kit

[2] Additional equipment for level 50 characters
The guard tower for the lvl 50 specialists will be added (traps will also be added for the relevant classes).

[3] Additional class skills
New class skills to manage monsters, including pulling, taunting and others, to improve the hunting experience for players.

Ilidate, Cry, Provoke, Disability, Shout


[1]: New Pitboss added
6 types of new pitbosses will be added.

1. Dagnu: The final pitboss in Elan, that requires many sacrifices to make him appear in the final cave area. Researched by the Novus Lab as a warrior.

2. Dagan: Dagnu?s 2nd stage monster. A boss monster that appears in the Elan Plateau cave area. If the Novus Lab researched Dagnu as a warier model, Dagan was researched as a model to lay waste to particular areas.

3. Eldcrochi: A guardian created by Jetso to stop the Elfs from escaping the forest and to remove all invaders.

4. Kwelersokum: The chief of the metal elves. Is a race leader and can be distinquished as such by the helm that he wears.

5. Narwen Idisil: High Elf?s queen. Despite her beautiful appearance, there is darkness in her eyes. She uses strong force attack and debuffs all the beneficial skills for the enemies nearby in times of danger.

Zetso (Yggdrasil)

The final boss in the Elf Map. You will be able to see a part of a Herodian?s body that?s living off the huge tree (yggdrasil). This creature throws leaves of the wind element to attack. Gives critical blow to all enemies nearby and delivers poison attacks at set intervals.

[2] New Monsters added:

New monsters will be added in the Elf area. The strong high elves despite their slim figures and the more powerful metal elves.


Metal Elf Gunner: Metal elf that uses bulken guns. Although the attack is low, can give fast serial attacks to the enemy. They play the role of protecting it?s own race during combats.

Metal Elf Archer:

Metal elf who uses bows. Although their attack speed is low, their attack strength is high so can give critical damage to enemies. It is their duty to protect the defence line.

Metal Elf Knight:

Metal Elf using Beem sword and Beem Shield. Although their attack strength is low, they have a high defence from the shield.

Metal Elf Berserker:A metal elf using two swords. Their attack strength is high but has relatively a low defence in comparison. It is the most aggressive of the Metal Elves.

High Elf ? Knights:
Uses a sword and a shield. Although their attack strength is low, they have a high defence from using a shield.

High Elf ? Sorcerer:

High Elf that uses the debuffs and heals, giving support to its team. This class has the lowest defence strength amongst the High Elf race.

High Elf Archer:

Uses a bow. Although this class has a slow attack speed, the attack strength is high which in return gives a chance of critical damage to enemy. However, in contrast to their high attack strength, their defence is relatively low.

High Elf Warlock:

Uses attack force. Attacks with a wind elemental force and has a high resistance to wind damage. The Warlock has high attack power but low defence

[3] Monster AI Improvement

The monsters AI has been improved dramatically. Player’s can now expierence a more exciting PvE element with monsters now using both skills and forces on the player. In addition to this, player’s can now debuff monsters.

[4] Monster selection UI changes:

The monster target window has been changed to allow players to see which elements and which attack habits the monsters have.

Addition/changes to the Game System:

[1] Dodge gauge implementation
Ranger?s dodge will be implemented as gauge similar to the current defence gauge.
Once the dodge gauge reaches zero you will no longer be able to dodge until it is recharged.

[2] Message / Item Mail system
A system has been added that lets players leave notes and messages for other players even when they are offline. The system can also send items.

[3] In-Game Message Forum
Message forum added in the game which is connected to the website and can be accessed through the website as well as the game.

[4] Cross race chat function.
When players shout all races can read what is said.

[5] Message of the Day Added
Message window like the guild notice/GM notice/Patriarch notice will be added. This will allow a smoother communication if the important messages are delivered through these as it is shown each time the player logs into the game world.

Future Updates Preview

[1] Announcing the Planetary Wars

A huge battle is coming.
From the smallest of dogfights, to huge galactic battleship fleets engaging in an interstellar war between planets. Join the devastating battles, rain fire down onto planets and destroy your enemies? ships.

A new adventure awaits you:
Through space – encounter new ships, fleets and creatures to challenge and fight in an infinite universe.

New multi-person systems:
Systems that require multiple people to operate and control, teamwork is key, no one person will be victorious.

Spectacular Space Combat:
Collision detection means that meteorite could be fatal as you fly along the surface of a huge alien battleship looking for the docking port that will allow the adventure to continue!

Action and Excitement:
Your ship is controlled by you, your skill alone will determine who survives and who doesn?t.

The last chance for survival:
It is time for the races to unite, their hostile warring on Novus continues but in the depths of space a new enemy lurks; threatening from the shadows – the ultimate enemy, the Herodians. Only an alliance of guilds can hope to achieve victory against them.

[2] The New Class:

There is one last major mystery; that of a new class? only time will tell what it is, what it can do and who can access – the Hybrid.

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