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RF Online [Episode 2]: Updates Part 1

Info taken from the Korean server. Changes are obviously present for the Philippine server:
Item name changes

Normal: These are your standard white weapons, and can be purchased from vendors for all levels.

Rare: Normal weapons with added abilities.

  • A Grade: Purple items, additional ability on top of normal damage (shield:defence)
  • B Grade: Intense items, increase to damage/defence
  • C Grade: Orange items, increase to damage on weapon and an additional ability

Item used by the Novajans, (natives of Novus), who used to fight against the Ancient Herodians.

  • Costume ? Can only be worn by the patriarchs/guild masters.
  • Patriarch uniform – An armour suit that can only be worn by the race patriarchs
  • Guild master uniform ? An armour suit that can only be worn by the guild masters
  • Set items ? Ferdion set item, complete set gives bonus.
  • Leon?s weapon.

The most common weapon used in past ages that had unique abilities, spiritual weapons.

  • Special Weapon: Have special curse or force attack abilities.
  • Inherent Weapon: Sealed and Unsealed weapons, with special curse or force attack abilities.

Powerful modern age spiritual weapons, created by the current races of Novus.

Treasured items that were passed down through the ages from the Prophets of the Taurus Constellation Federation, who were at war with the Herodians a long time ago and formed an alliance with Mankind. (Not in game yet).

Item Update

The Relic weapons added to the game.

The visual effect of the item can change depending on what ability is added to it.

? Sealed Relic Weapon– Inherent Weapon

  • Level requirement of 50
  • The weapon is a reward for completion of Dark Hole only
  • Increased damage over normal level 50 intense weapons
  • Can not be upgraded

? Unsealed Relic Weapon.

  • Inherent Weapon
  • Basic relic weapon aquired from the Elf Map (not yet released).
  • Seal must be broken to upgrade.
  • When item is upgraded it gains a graphical effect based on the upgrade.
  • Level can be reduced when Seal is broken.
  • Various abilities can be combined with it depending on weapon type.
  • Increased damage over normal Sealed Relic Weapon.
  • Special curse or force attack abilities are activated when the weapon is used.
  • Tool tip on mouse over displays a weapons special curse or force attack.

? Special Weapons (there are no sealed/unsealed special weapons)

  • Settlement Pit Bosses drop these items.
  • Level requirement of items range from 45 to 49.
  • Special curse or force attack abilities are activated when the weapon is used.
  • Damage is same or higher than Intense 50 weapon.
  • Has a larger range of damage than Sealed/Unsealed Relic Weapons, (lower min & higher max), so less consistant damage output.
  • Tool tip on mouse over displays a weapons special curse or force attack.

Ancient Items added.

? Ancient weapons can have either a level 40 or level 45 requirement.– The statistics on the weapons can vary even for same level and type of weapon.

? Combine the design plan and weapon materials using the combine function on the Hero NPC.
? Four weapon pieces and design plan must be combined to make weapon.

  • Tool tip description may vary on weapon pieces, but provided the names match they will still combine.
    • Example: 1-0 quality piece and the 2-2 quality piece can be combined together as long as their names are the same.
  • Even if the names of the pieces do match, the success rate can vary depending on the quality of the pieces involved.

? Weapon pieces and design plans come from various Battle Dungeons.. – You can obtain lvl 40 requirement weapon pieces from the lvl 41~45 dungeons.

  • You can obtain lvl 45 requirement weapon pieces from the lvl 46~50 dungeons.
  • Although weapon pieces are not tradable, the finished weapon is.

Ancient Set Items added.

? Armor Sets can only be obtained through using the combination system.

  • Combine Set materials with the relevant armor parts.
  • Trading is impossible after they are combined.

? When you equip the set items, the bonus set effect is different depending on how each of the 3, 5, 6 & 7 sets are made.
? Tool tip on mouse over will show set bonuses.
? Materials needed for Armor Sets are obtained as drops from the five Elan Pit Bosses.

Uniform Items added.

? Uniforms are purchased form the vendors.
– Level requirement of 40, no PT requirement.
– Can be traded and dropped.
– Anyone can purchase, but only patriarch, sub patriarch and guild masters can wear them.

? Guild Master uniform is obtained through combination system.– Level requirement of 45, no PT requirement.

  • Can only be worn by Guild Masters.
  • Has defence power of about lvl 45 Intense Armor.
  • The Set effect will increase significantly when all of the five parts are equipped with the set items over normal Set Armors.
  • Can be upgraded as per normal armor.
  • The guild master uniform cannot be traded/dropped after combining.

? Patriarch uniform is obtained through combination system.– Level requirement of 45, no PT requirement.

  • Can only be worn by Patriarch.
  • Has defence power of about lvl 45 Intense Armor
  • The Set effect will increase significantly when all of the five parts are equipped with the set items over Set Armors
  • Can be upgraded as per normal armor.
  • The patriarch uniform cannot be traded/dropped after combining.

The cloak items added

? Cloaks are obtained in two ways:

  • Random reward when combining seven Warrior Witness Items from CSZ wins.
  • Through combining of materials.
  • There are 5 types of cloaks, the 4 elements and critical defence ability.

? Level requirement of 40 or above.
? Can be upgraded with talics, abilities on the cloaks affect which talics can be used in which cloaks.
? The Booster skill can be activated when the cloak is equipped, to fly you just above the ground.

  • Booster skill shows in the skill window.

? Booster movement speed does not stack with run speed abilities or items, it over-rides them.
? Booster uses up SP quickly whilst activated.
? Boosters will stop after pressing ?W? in mouse mode.
? After entering ?H? from the keyboard mode, you?ll be able to move in various directions.

The High-Price Merchants

The high?price merchant added:

? NPC?s are located in each races? HQ and sell valuable items and other goods..

Battle Dungeon/Darkhole Update

A part of the battle dungeon monsters (lvl 41~50) abilities have been changed.

? Clod Battle Dungeon– Heavy Meat Clod Boss HP: Doubled
? Hobo Battle Dungeon– Armoured Hobo Blade Boss HP: Doubled

  • Changed to recover HP

? King Tweezer Battle dungeon– Appearing mobs HP: Doubled.
? Passer Battle Dungeon– Armoured Passer Beta Boss HP: Doubled

  • Changed to recover HP

? Sonash Battle Dungeon– Appearing mobs HP: Doubled

  • From hunting 200 mobs to 300.

? Anabola Battle Dungeon– Appearing mobs HP: Doubled

  • From hunting 200 mobs to 300

? Heller Battle Dungeon– Queen Niard Heller Boss HP: Doubled

  • Changed to recover HP

? Calliana Battle Dungeon– Appearing mob HP: Doubled
? Snatcher rex Battle Dungeon– Snatcher horn rex boss HP: Doubled.

  • Changed to recover HP

? Turncoat Battle Dungeon– Turncoat commander boss HP: Doubled
– Changed to recover HP

Battle Dungeons drop locations adjusted.

? Ether: Only drops battle dungeon gates between lvl 41~45
? Cauldron Volcanic: Only drop the battle dungeon gates between lvl 46~50
? Only drop the Dark Hole in Elan plateau.

Darkhole?s difficulty and the reward changes
? The entrance lvl limit has been set higher

  • From lvl 43 to lvl 45

? The reward XP and the items increased
? The reward XP increased significantly compared to the previous amount.

Gatekeeper and Gate location changed in each HQ.

Balancing Update

Bonus XP from hunting in a party adjusted.

? 2 party members: reduced slightly
? 3~7 party members: no changes
? 8 party members: increased significantly
? The amount of the bonus XP gained through party hunting will be displayed in the system message.

Grazier?s class skill [Maximum Animus] effect buffed.
? The effect is different depending on which animus is summoned.

  • Isis: Increase in attack
  • Paimon: Increase in defence
  • Inana: Increase in health recovery ability
  • Hecate: Increase in the critical rate

Change to Animus abilities.

? Inana: Range of health recovery ability increased.
? Hecate: Changed from the single attack to range attack.

  • Effect changed to the explosive type

Elan plateau mobs attack accuracy increased

  • Warrior type Turncoat: Increased significantly
  • Ranger type Turncoat: Increased slightly
  • Melee mob: Increased significantly
  • Ranged mob: Increased slightly

A part of Ether mob?s location and number has changed

  • White Hall
  • Hobo Robo added
  • The no. Of Cali reduced significantly
  • The no of Hobo Blade, Passer Alpha increased slightly

Changes to the monster drop items

? Passer Beta, Calliana Roc, Calliana Cru item gain changes

Items produced from processing ore reduced slightly.

? Processing fees reduced accordingly.

Mined ore can no longer be sold, dropped or stored in a players storage.

Potion reuse delay increased on several potions.

? Composed, offence, defence potion delays changed to 10 secs.

Defense gauge reduction speed has been adjusted.

? Gauge will reduce faster when attack by numerous mobs.

Increased attack of Static guard towers.

Other Updates

Collision detection between player characters added.

? Does not collide with NPC / Same race players / dead characters from other races / Animus (except Paimon)

Changes to the Auction House

  • Items can be registered for 72 hours.
  • Items on the Auction House will remain on there until they expire, are sold, or are cancelled, even if the player logs out.

Monster quest that enables a player to collect jewels added

? When hunting for the monster quest, a rare ore is dropped occasionaly.
? This ore can be processed for a fee at the ore refiner and turned into a jewel.
? Upon returning the processed ore and jewels to the question giver, the reward is a gift box that gives an appropriate item(s) when used. Like other gift boxes, the item(s) received vary.

Elemental accessory combination will be possible.

? Can combine elementals of the three races to increase their values.

  • Can only combine the accessories that have the attack, defence or dodge abilities.

? The combined product will have the option of max 30% of attack and defence.

  • Above item can only be obtained through combination.

? The combined accessory can be combined again..

  • However, only up to max 30% on abilities

? Event accessory cannot be combined. (E.g. Event rewards which do not drop)
? When combining the elemental accessory fails, the elemental accessory and the combining materials can be destroyed at random.

Maps have been removed from the game.

? Press M to open the zone?s map.
? Map items are no longer sold in stores or drop.

  • Existing map items will not be deleted but serve no function anymore.

The guild manager?s location has been changed.

? Bellato: Same as before
? Cora: Changed to the second floor that allows you to teleport through the exchange merchant left passage.
? Accretia: Changed near to the modified gate manager.

Cap on how many contribution points you can lose in a single day to combat abuse of the system.

? The amount of contribution points that a character can lose in one day (24 hrs) will be limited.

  • Based on the contribution points that the character had in the previous day, up to 3% can be lost into other characters.

E.g. If the contribution point is below 1,000,000, this will only drop by 30,000.
? Unlimited amount of contribution points can be obtained like now.

If you log out in the core mine you will log back in at your HQ.

Fire Guard has been implemented.

? As a security system, it prevents any hacking tools and auto programs to run on the game.

System message added

? Item combining commission message added
? Avatar killer information message added
? Mastery (PT) lvl message and system message generated separately.

Guild room newly added

? There are two types of guild rooms where each one has different functions.

  • Standard Type (5,000,000 race money, lending period- 7days, Grade 2+)
  • Special Type (20,000,000 race money, lending period 30 days, grade 3+)
  • ‘Y? key is a standard when purchasing, ?N? key is for the special type.

When you?re in a stealth status, animus will not be summoned and the animus summoned already will also return.

A function that informs the player of their ?friends? (in the friends list) or the guild members who have connected to the game.

The delay mark is applied to the icon when animus is used.

Animus will no longer gain XP if the enemy that it?s attacking is either + or ? 10.

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