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Evan Almighty : Movie Review

I finally got my hands on a copy of Evan Almighty thru torrent (the cinemahouse’s still has the Coming Soon sign over it) and I was able to watch it a few hours ago with my girlfriend. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve anticipated the coming of this movie ever since I heard of it from a friend who watches cinema trailers online for a hobby. With the words NOT A SEQUEL posted in front of me I proceeded to watching the movie.

EVAN movie Poster Characters:
I found the approach perfect for these types of movies. A narrative would surely kill the movie and a semi-biography would be rather pointless because of the plot. I won’t be discussing

Gen 6 14. Evan is to build the Ark to save animals and people from the flood. Evan’s character is a typical skeptic, I-believe-what-see-person and the events that were to follow were quite obvious from the start. A congressman helping to pass a bill that would endanger nature and wildlife who becomes Noah can’t get much more obvious. The General Patronage rating is perfect because it fits the family movie category because not only was it able to fully explain what was happening in detail, Evan Almighty was also able to show the darker side of acquiring power, both political and supernatural. Adding the family drama element was definitely a good choice for the story.

This is where I think Evan Almighty shone. It didn’t drag the story, even if I can point out about two rather pointless scenes/shots, and the transition is well-paced. Even if some of the comedy gags within the movie was rather stale (just like the introduction of Evan’s staff with the “I love you line”) and the dance that Steve Carell’s character is so into was somewhat lame, it didn’t gloss over the details that I felt required to tell the whole story.

Other Stuff:
SHEEEEEEEEEEEEP! There’s lots of CG into the middle of the film and towards the end and their shots weren’t glossy enough to sway the viewers attention away from what’s happening. Seeing the animals without obtrusive appearances was such an eye-pleaser. Unlike movies like Jurrassic Park or Congo, even the extra animals took to the lime light, here, they’re just side characters as they should be.

Steve Carell’s performance is excellent, more than what I’ve expected even after watching Bruce Almighty. And why wouldn’t he, with much more freedom as the lead actor, his antics are much more hilarious. After watching the movie, I swore to forget all qualms in his ability to act even if most of the good gags are slapstick (referring to the point where Evan and his boys started building the Ark).

Morgan Freeman, as God during the convincing scene was absolutely beautiful. He seems to have this God business stuck in his heart. Even during the conversation with Evan’s wife Joan Baxter (Lauren Graham) he was able to show much of his acting maturity and experience that deems him perfect to the role

The other quirks in the film upped the movie’s quality by a notch, the Harry Potter spoiler, the Ark Building for dummies book and even the last exchange between Evan and God where the word ARK became the Acronym for Act of Random Kindness. It’s definitely something that every family should watch together. The ever-growing beard (which ended in him looking up like a Saruman or Gandalf reject in the end-in a good way) and the Noah look was simply classic.

Overall, even if it wasn’t as funny as Bruce Almighty, Evan Almighty stands up on its own without referral to the formula that led to the success of the former movie. This movie has a much more mature outlook and storyline that Bruce Almighty seemed to skirted away from in favor of a higher notch in comedy and thus deems it a much more inviting movie to watch.

Rating 9/10


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  1. ringedonion munchie August 5, 2007 Reply

    i loved the beard…xD

  2. admin sylv3rblade August 5, 2007 Reply

    He did look a Jedi out of a Star Wars movie in the Noah outfit though. More fun factor in that XDD

  3. ringedonion munchie August 5, 2007 Reply

    and then when his hair and beard turned white…


  4. admin sylv3rblade August 5, 2007 Reply

    LOL! Yes, but I’d rather call him Qui Gon JIn

  5. sashashing sasha August 7, 2007 Reply

    I will definitely watch this movie. The trailer is so funny, I guess the whole movie will be funny as well.

    Regarding your question if you can use Xoom… well no. They only accept Paypal accounts and that is the problem of most Filipino bloggers. But if you know someone abroad who can lend you his/her account, you can do that.

  6. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 7, 2007 Reply

    ktnx. Oh.. don’t blame me if the expression SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! gets stuck with you.

    On the paypal thing, I guess I’ll ask my aunt for help on it.

  7. dudesmark messier August 10, 2007 Reply


    I really ROFL-ed when I heard Evan react like that. XDD

    And with regard to Morgan Freeman as God, I think he has already acquired that God-like personality on-camera. XD

    I have watched the movie last wednesday (I took my copy from my dad’s hidden DVD collections) XD I thought the movie was already out for months since that pirated copy was a clear one. Clear = DVD-like copy. (although the subtitles was a little bit messed up)

    I haven’t watched Bruce Almighty thus, I can’t compare it with this film. I would recommend this one for the whole family. ^^;

  8. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 13, 2007 Reply

    I can give you a copy of Bruce next we meet, whenever that is

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