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Item Combination Formulas

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has a massive update to the existing combination database so even if you aren’t new to the series and here’s a compilation of the current Item Combinations for the game.

Success of the combinations can be boosted by Felyne Skills from the kitchen or by adding combo books to your character’s inventory.  If you need to find something, just hit CTRL + F and start searching.

Important Note: Some items can only be combined while on a mission.

Important Note 2: Some items have more than one recipe so if you’re looking to get the achievement, you need to use both at least once.

ResultsItem 1Item 2%Qty
Potion=Herb+ Blue Mushroom95%1
Mega Potion=Potion+Honey90%1
Nutrients=Blue Mushroom+Godbug90%1
Mega Nutrients=Nutrients+Honey75%1
Antidote=Antidote Herb+Blue Mushroom95%1
Herbal Medicine=Cactus Flower+Bitterbug90%1
Max Potion=Mega Nutrients+Dragon Toadstool65%1
Ancient Potion=Immunizer+Kelbi Horn55%1
Oxygen Supply=Bomb Casing+Airweed90%1
Air Philter=Catalyst+Airweed75%1
Immunizer=Catalyst+Dragon Teadstool75%1
 =Hot Pepper+Burst Arowana75%1-3
Dash Juice=Catalyst+Rare Steak75%1
Mega Dash Juice=Well-Done Steak+Dash Extract65%1
Energy Drink=Honey+Nitroshroom65%1
 =Hot Pepper+Sleepyfish75%1
Demondrug=Catalyst+Might Seed65%1
Mega Demondrug=Demondrug+Pale Extract55%1
Might Pill=Immunizer+Might Seed75%1
Armorskin=Catalyst+Adamant Seed65%1
Mega Armorskin=Armorskin+Pale Extract55%1
Adamant Pill=Immunizer+Adamant Seed75%1
Hot Drink=Hot Pepper+Bitterbug90%1
Hot Meat=Well-Done Steak+Hot Pepper95%1
Cool Drink=Ice Crystal+Bitterbug90%1
Chilled Meat=Well-Done Steak+Ice Crystal95%1
Poisoned Meat=Ray Meat+Toadstool90%1
Tinged Meat=Raw Meat+Parashroom90%1
Drugged Meat=Raw Meat+Sleep herb90%1
Bomb Casing=Sap Plant+Stone95%1
 =Sap Plant+iron Ore95%1 or 2
Deodorant=Bomb Casing+Bitterbug95%1
Smoke Bomb=Bomb Casing+Ivy75%1
Poison Smoke Bomb=Bomb Casing+Toadstool75%1
 =Bomb Casing+Poison Sac90%1
Flash Bomb=Bomb Casing+Flashbug75%1
Dung Bomb=Bomb Casing+Dung75%1
 =Dung+Bomb Sac75%1 or 2
Paintball=Sap Plant+Paint Berry95%1
Farcaster=Bomb Casing+Exciteshroom95%1
Gunpowder=Fire herb+Nitroshroom95%1
Barrel Bomb S=Small Barrel+Fire Herb90%1
Barrel Bomb S+=Barrel Bomb S+Burst Arowana75%1
Barrel Bomb L=Gunpowder+Large Barrel75%1
Barrel Bomb L+=Barrel Bomb L+Scatterfish55%1
Bounce Bomb – =Barrel Bomb S+Bnahabra Wing55%1
Bounce Bomb+ – =Bounce Bomb+Bomb Arowana55%1
Sonic Bomb
Felvine Bomb=Barrel Bomb S+Felvine90%1
Net=Spider Web+Ivy90%1
Pitfall Trap=Net+Trap Tool65%1
Shock Trap=Trap Tool+Thunderbug90%1
Tuna Bait=Worm+Yambug95%1
Burst Bait=Mega Fishing Fly+Stinkhopper90%1
Goldenfish Bait=Mega Fishing Fly+Snakebee Larva90%1
Sushifish Bait=Mega Fishing Fly+Yambug95%1-2
Whetfish Bait=Mega Fishing Fly+Bughopper90%1-2
Old Pickaxe=Stone+Bone95%1
 =Stone+Mystery Bone75%1
Iron Pickaxe=Iron Ore+Bone75%1
Mega Pickaxe=Machalite Ore+Bone95%1
Old Bug Net=Net+Mystery Bone95%1
Bug Net=Net+Monster Bone S75%1
Mega Bug Net=Net+Monster Bone M95%1
Fishing Harpoon=Broken Shell+Mystery Bone95%1
Antiseptic Stone=Earth Crystal+Bitterbug75%1
Lifecrystal=Godbug+Wyvern Fang90%1
Lifepowder=Lifecrystal+Wyvern Claw65%1
Dust of Life=Lifepowder+Gloamgrass Bug55%1
Health Horn=Lifecrystal+Field Horn65%1
Antidote Horn=Field Horn+Antiseptic Horn65%1
Demon Horn=Mega Demondrug+Monster Bone M55%1
Armor Horn=Mega Armorskin+Monster Bone M55%1
Poison Knife=Throwing Knife+Toadstool65%1
Sleep Knife=Throwing Knife+Sleep herb65%1
Paralysis Knife=Throwing Knife+Parashroom65%1
Boomerang=Whetstone+Monster Bone S75%1
Powertalon=Powercharm+Deviljho Talon95%1
Armortalon=Armorcharm+Deviljho Talon95%1
Normal S LV2=Huskberry+Needleberry95%2-4
Normal S LV3=Huskberry+Popfish95%2-4
Pierce S LV1=Huskberry+Bird Wyvern Fang90%1-3
Pierce S LV2=Huskberry+Pin Tuna75%1-3
Pierce S LV3=Bone Husk S+Pin Tuna75%1-2
Pellet S LV1=Huskberry+Scatternut90%1-3
Pellet S LV2=Huskberry+Wyvern Fang75%1-3
Pellet S LV3=Bone Husk S+Wyvern Fang75%1-3
Crag S LV1=Huskberry+Burst Arowana90%1
Crag S LV2=Bone Husk S+Burst Arowana90%1
Crag S LV3=Bone Husk L+Scatterfish75%1
Clust S LV1=Huskberry+Bomberry90%1
Clust S LV2=Bone Husk S+Wyvern Claw75%1
Clust S LV3=Bone Husk L+Scatterfish75%1
Flaming S=Huskberry+Fire Herb90%1
Water S=Huskberry+Whetfish75%1-3
Freeze S=Huskberry+Ice Crystal75%1-3
Thunder S=Huskberry+Flashbug75%2-4
Dragon S=Bone Husk L+Dragonfell Berry75%1
Recov S LV1=Huskberry+Herb90%1
Recov S LV2=Potion+Huskberry90%1
Poison S LV1=Huskberry+Toadstool90%1
Poison S LV2=Bone Husk S+Toadstool75%1
Para S LV1=Huskberry+Parashroom90%1
Para S LV2=Bone Husk S+Parashroom90%1
Sleep S LV1=Huskberry+Sleep Herb90%1
Sleep S LV2=Bone Husk S+Sleepyfish75%1
Paint S=Huskberry+Paint Berry90%1
Demon S=Bone husk+Might Seed75%1
Armor S=Bone Husk+Adamant Seed75%1
Sub S LV1=Huskberry+Sharpened Fang75%1-3
Sub S LV2=Bone Husk S+Sharpened Fang65%1-3
Exhaust S LV1=Dung+Huskberry75%1
Exhaust S LV2=Bone Husk S+Wanchovy75%1
Slicing S=Bone husk S+Whetfish75%1-3
Wyvernfire=Bone Husk L+Burst Arowana65%1
Slime S=Huskberry+Bomb Arowana65%1-3
=Sleep Herb+Parashroom65%1
Tranq Knife=Tranquilizer+Throwing Knife65%1
Tranq Bomb=Tranquilizer+Bomb Casing75%1
Tranq S=Tranquilizer+Bone Husk S90%1
Empty Phial=Bone Husk S+Whetstone90%1
Poison Coating=Empty Phial+Toadstool90%1
Para Coating=Empty Phial+Parashroom90%1
Sleep Coating=Empty Phial+Sleep Herb90%1
Power Coating=Empty Phial+Nitroshroom90%1
C. Range Coating=Empty Phial+Whetfish90%1
Paint Coating=Empty Phial+Paint Berry90%1
Exhaust Coating=Empty Phial+Wanchovy90%1
Slime Coating=Empty Phial+Bomb Arowana90%1-3
Armor Sphere=Machalite Ore+Armor Stone95%1
Armor Sphere=Armor Stone+Killer Beetle95%1
Armor Sphere+ (1 of 2 recipes)=Dragonite Ore+Armor Stone95%1
Armor Sphere+ (2 of 2 recipes)=Armor Stone+Rare Scarab95%1
ADV Armor Sphere (1 of 2 recipes)=Carbalite Ore+Armor Stone95%1
ADV Armor Sphere (2 of 2 recipes)=Firestone Ore+Armor Stone95%1
HRD Armor Sphere (1 of 2 recipes)=Gracium Ore+Armor Stone95%1
HRD Armor Sphere (2 of 2 recipes)=Armor Stone+King Scarab95%1
HVY Armor Sphere (1 of 2 recipes)=Eltalite Ore+Armor Stone95%1
HVY Armor Sphere (2 of 2 recipes)=Armor Stone+Emperor Hopper95%1
TRU Armor Sphere (1 of 2 recipes)=Meldspare Ore+Armor Stone95%1
TRU Armor Sphere (2 of 2 recipes)=Armor Stone+Flutterfly95%1
Dazzling Crown=Incomplete Crown+Crown’s Gemstone100%1
Iron Ore=Iron Ore+Slickaxe100%5
Earth Crystal=Earth Crystal+Slickaxe100%5
Machalite Ore=Machalite Ore+Slickaxe100%3
Dragonite Ore=Dragonite Ore+Slickaxe100%3
Carbalite Ore=Carbalite Ore+Slickaxe100%2
Eltalite Ore=Eltalite Ore+Slickaxe100%2
Fucium Ore=Iron Ore+Slickaxe100%2
Meldspar Ore=Meldspar Ore+Slickaxe100%2
Pelagicite Ore=Pelagicite Ore+Slickaxe100%3
Bathycite Ore=Iron Ore+Slickaxe100%2
Firecell Stone=Firecell Stone+Slickaxe100%2
AllfFire Stone=Allfire Stone+Slickaxe100%2
Light Crystal=Light Crystal+Slickaxe100%2
Pure Crystal=Pure Crystal+Slickaxe100%2
Monster Bone +=Monster Bone ++Slickaxe100%5
Monster Keenbone=Monster Keenbone+Slickaxe100%2
Monster Hardbone=Monster Hardbone+Slickaxe100%2
Monster Slogbone=Monster Slogbone+Slickaxe100%2
Killer Beetle=Killer Beetle+Slickaxe100%3
Rare Scarab=Rare Scarab+Slickaxe100%2
King Scarab=King Scarab+Slickaxe100%2
Emperor Hopper=Emperor Hopper+Slickaxe100%2
Dragonbone Relic=Dragonbone Relic+Slickaxe100%2
Elder Dragonbone=Elder Dragonbone+Slickaxe100%2
Crested Crown=Incomplete Crown+Royal Crest100%1
Realmless Crown (1 of 2 recipes)=Dazzling Crown+Royal Crest100%1
Realmless Crown (2 of 2 recipes)=Crown’s Gemstone+Crested Crown100%1

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