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Food Combinations

Moga Village has a Felyne cook that’ll allow you to feast on his meals for added stats and bonuses. Use the table below as a guide for the best results. Happy Hunting!

Combine WithVillage 2★Village 4★Village 5★
City HR 0-8City HR 9-17City HR 18+
MeatMeat+20 Health+30 Health+50 Health
MeatFish+10 Oxygen+10 Oxygen, +20 Health+50 Oxygen, +40 Health
MeatGrainNo Effect+20 Health, +25 Stamina+40 Health, +50 Stamina
MeatVegetableNo EffectNo Effect+40 Health, +5 Dragon Resist
MeatDairy+10 Health, +10 Defense+20 Health, +5 Defense+40 Health, +10 Defense
MeatDrink+10 Health, Attack Up [Sm]+20 Health, Attack Up [Sm]+40 Health, Attack Up [Sm]
FishFish+30 Oxygen, +3 Water Resist+50 Oxygen, +3 Water Resist+50 Oxygen, +5 Water Resist
FishGrain+10 Oxygen, +25 Stamina+30 Oxygen, +25 Stamina+50 Oxygen, +50 Stamina
FishVegetable+5 Water Resist+5 Water Resist+50 Health, +5 Fire Resist
FishDairy+10 Oxygen, -10 Health-25 Stamina-10 Health-50 Stamina-30 Health
FishDrink+10 Oxygen, +10 Health+30 Health, +3 Thunder Resist+40 Health, +5 Ice Resist
GrainGrain+25 Stamina, +3 Thunder Resist+50 Stamina, +3 Thunder Resist+50 Stamina, +5 Thunder Resist
GrainVegetable+3 Thunder Resist, -10 Health+5 Thunder Resist, -10 Health+5 Thunder Resist, +5 Dragon Resist
GrainDairy+20 Health, +5 Defense+50 Stamina, +10 Defense+50 Stamina, +15 Defense
GrainDrinkNo EffectNo EffectNo Effect
VegetableVegetable+3 Dragon Resist, -10 Health+5 Dragon Resist, -50 Stamina+8 Dragon Resist
VegetableDairyNo EffectNo Effect+50 Health, -50 Stamina
VegetableDrink-10 Oxygen-25 Stamina+30 Health, -25 StaminaAttack Up [Lg], -25 Stamina
DairyDairy+10 Defense, +3 Fire Resist-20 Health+30 Health, +15 Defense
DairyDrink+20 Health, -10 OxygenNo Effect+5 Fire Resist, -30 Oxygen
DrinkDrinkNote: Drink + Drink will give two of the following, randomly. In the city it will also make you drunk
+30 Health
Attack Up [Sm]
+5 Defense
-30 Oxygen
-25 Stamina
+40 Health
Attack Up [Sm]
+10 Defense
-30 Oxygen
-25 Stamina
+50 Health
Attack Up [Lg]
+15 Defense
-30 Oxygen
-25 Stamina

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