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Blizzard opens up it’s Black Friday Sale

Blizzard is starting it’s Black Friday Sale for 2018 early so if you’ve been holding out on getting Overwatch, Diablo III AND Starcraft, it’s time to show your wallets.

Pricing is as follows:

TitleOriginal PriceSale Price
Overwatch Standard Edition$ 39.99$ 14.99
Overwatch Legendary Edition$ 59.99$ 19.99
Diablo III: Standalone$ 19.99$ 9.99
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls$ 19.99$ 9.99
Diablo III: Battle Chest$ 29.99$ 14.99
StarCraft II: Campaign Collection$ 39.99$ 15.37
StarCraft Remastered$14.99$ 7.49

The sale will run up until November 26.


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