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PlayStation Vita running PSP ISOs

Yep, you read that title right. There’s a Playstation Vita running PSP ISOs via an exploit that’s yet to be made public. No Vita ROMs yet but it seems to be fully working as an iso and cso loader. Check the video below and see for yourself:

Now, a lot of folks have been calling fake on this mainly because the exploit still isn’t public and the dev behind it isn’t privy to sharing his loot (probably to prevent Sony from going after him or ruin the Vita’s surge of sales). Wololo himself has called the exploit legit however, indicating the Vita in question is using an exploit on the PSP kernel similar to how carts are working for the 3DS for DS games. So yes, the Vita can now run PSP ISOs, it’s just that it’s not YOUR Vita that’s doing it XD

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