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PSP Module Checker 3.0

If you need to identify your PSP’s model (specifically what motherboard type is your PSP-3000) then you’ll need to install PSP Ident or this, the PSP Module Checker.  One of the advantages of PSP Module Checker compared to the older, more popular PSP Ident is that it can be run on any PSP, regardless of whether your have CFW installed or not.


PSP Module Checker for CFW: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2
PSP Module Checker for OFW: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

How to Install and run PSP Module Checker:

  1. Download the PSP Module Checker for your PSP (either CFW or OFW)
  2. Extract the file and copy the resulting PSPmoduleChecker folder to x:/PSP/GAME/
  3. Run the application from your XMB

v3.0 Change:

  • Fixed many BUGs.
  • Add Kernel Version detection.
  • Add CPU Frequency detection.
  • Add detection Tachyon address.
  • Add detection Baryon address.
  • Add detection Pommel address.

Credit: Team Kuci Mods –

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