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Sony reduces PSN Game activation limit

It was a boon for PSN subscribers :(. Sony’s current policy allows you to activate your PSN Game on upto 5 PlayStation systems. This allows for literal game sharing among peers as you can literally split the bill and enjoy the game amongst yourselves.

Starting November 18, after the PSN maintainance, PSN Games will only activate on upto two PlayStation systems.

Any game purchased after November 18th will have the new limit imposed. Any games bought prior will retain the legacy 5 system limit. On the upside (at least that’s how Sony is selling the idea), deactivating games/systems for games will no longer require you to login to your PSN account on your console. Sony will be opening a PlayStation Network account management website to handle such transactions and other account related concerns.

The limitation will also affect the upcoming PlayStation Vita. If you purchase beyond the indicated date, no sharing of PS One classics on your PSP, PS3 and PS Vita for you. Pick two and and only two.

Sony says that the policy change is of consideration of balance between consumer convenience and content creator copyright protection.

source Siliconera, Andriasang

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