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PlayStation 3 OFW 3.70 now available

Sony is set to release a new firmware update (3.70 OFW) for the PlayStation 3.

The new firmware will bring several new features for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

New features for PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS3 3.70 OFW:

  • Automatic system update
  • Automatic save back-up (though you will need to set up per game before syncing will kick-in)
  • Autosync for trophies

For those of us that are non-PS+ subscribers don’t fret, Sony hasn’t forgotten about us.

  • Store Recommendations -PSN users (both regular users and PS+ users) can now recommend items found in the PlayStation Store with messages attached
  • 3D support – Sony is including support for 3D cameras which can see MPO photos both within the Photo Gallery app and with the usual XMB interface.   Java-dependent special features on Blu-ray movies will now keep their 3D, and 3D will stay active when DTS-HD audio is going out either in Master Audio or High Resolution encoding
  • Internet Video (location specific)- Sony has dedicated a section of the XMB to TV/Video Services.  Depending on your territory (ergo the make of your PS3), you will have Hulu Plus, Netflix, and/or Vudu available from the XMB. Videos from the PlayStation Store will now pop-up in in the news feed as well.

OFW 3.70 is expected to roll out today and you’ll need to upgrade your PS3 if you want to connect to the PlayStation Store (good thing I already downloaded and installed Dreamy Theater 2 this Sunday :)).

source PlayStation Blog

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