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PSP 6.20 Pro-B6 LCFW released

Team Liquid has released a new update to their 6.20 Pro LCFW, 6.20 Pro-B6 with new features and several bugfixes (specifically with regards to Dissidia Duodecim and it’s DLC).

Requirements for 6.20 Pro-B6:

Important: 6.20 Pro-B6 supports all PSP models except PSP-3000s that came were released with firmware greater than 6.20 OFW: [ 7g, 9g ]
Important Update: PRO-B6 was updated with a tiny patch concerning the NODRM engine. If you have installed 6.20 Pro-B6, please download the installer again and update.

How to install 6.20 Pro-B6 on your PSP

Important: Install the permanent patch AFTER you install 6.20 Pro-B6.

To install, just place the folders from the zip file into PSP/GAME and run 6.20 PROUPDATE from your XMB. Use the FastRecovery to reload 6.20 Pro-B6 LCFW without doing the reinstall process again.

To run the Permanent Patch:

  • Be sure to have 6.20 Pro-B6 installed.
  • Pressing R while booting loads the recovery.
  • Pressing Select while booting loads OFW.
  • When applying the Permanent Patch, choose X on first question and O on second to install, two times X only tests whether your device is compatible with our Permanent Bootloader.
  • Should you manage to brick yourself, try pressing O+X+Select+Start while turning your PSP on. It will trigger a emergency uninstall.

6.20 PRO-B6 Features
Homebrew Compatible – Run your own unsigned applications, both user and kernel mode.
Plugin Compatible – Add new features to your PSP via kernel mode background plugins.
ISO / CSO Game Dump Playback – Backup your own UMD discs via USB and play them from Flash Storage.
2g+ Memory Range Unlock – Use the previously locked RAM range within your own homebrews.
NODRM Engine – Use your bought DLCs, no matter on which PSN account you are currently logged in.
PSX Emulator Unlock – Play your PSX classics, yes – all of them. Not just PSN titles.

[!]Fixed NODRM Engine on Dissidia Duodecim
[!]Fixed High Capacity Bug
[!]Fixed Bug in np9660
[!]Fixed button-input related startup freeze
[!]Fixed rare crash in exploiting stage
[+]Added 6.39 Kernel Support

view the complete list on this post

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