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6.20 TN-D Hen is out

Full PSX support (PSN and converted titles) with Action Reply cheat code support, fixed flash0 protection and more, a big thanks to Total_Noob.

For your ISO loader, you can go with the Prometheus ISO loader, OpenIdea ISO loader or aLoader plugin.

Full 6.20 TN-D Changelog:

(6.20 TN-D by Total_Noob)
– Added homebrew icon (thanks to PhysXPSP).
– Added full PSone gaming support (PSN PSone games, converted PSone games).
ICON0.PNG will be replaced if it isn’t 80×80, else pops.prx causes a crash (custom icon by PhysXPSP).
– Added KEYS.BIN creation (possibility to share PSN PSone games).
– Added possibility to resume unofficial PSone games on PSPgo.
– Added plugins support for PSone games.
– Added TiltFX(motion controller) and Action Replay(cheat device) support (thanks to HacKmaN).
– Added possibility to translate TN VSH Menu.
– Added possibility to use own font table for TN VSH Menu.
– Fixed flash0 protection bug.
– Fixed 32gb memory stick incompatibility.
– Fixed bug that causes a crash when you suspend the device (manually) in TN VSH Menu.
– Increased large memory to 51m

Download: 6.20 TN-D (fixed release, there was a a bug in the first release and this is the fixed version)
If you’re not on 6.20 OFW and want to update your PlayStation Portable to accommodate 6.20 TN-C follow these instructions: HowTo: Upgrade your PSP to 6.20 OFW.

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