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PSP 6.35 Pro-A3 LCFW released

Yep, development on 6.35 Pro-A LCFW is in full steam with another update now available from VFlame aka Liquidzigong.  6.35 Pro-A3 fixes a number of bugs with the LCFW and features a new 6.35 Pro FastRecovery.  Do note that unlike 6.35 Pro-A2, you will need to replace the current FastRecovery with the new one due to incompatibilities (ergo the old one doesn’t work with 6.35 Pro-A3).

Custom Firmware 6.35 PRO-A3 changelog (Translated via Google)

[!] fix GAME CPU frequency
[!] fixed number of comics, such as the goddess of sideways
[!] fixed under the 0x80020148 error OFW
[!] fix some of the re-setting the packed illegal version of the game led to crash
[+] Add OPNSSMP automatically read features

Download files:


You will need to delete/replace the older files.  No need to uninstall 6.35 Pro-A or 6.35 Pro-A2.

Thanks to banban for the tip!

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