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O hai you twin consoles

Since I really needed to upgrade my aging PSP Phat, I decided to go ahead and splurge on two new consoles: a PSP Go (o look you bought a PSP Go despite bashing it over and over.. lol) and a DSi.

If you’re still undecided on whether to get a PSP-3000 vs PSP Go, and would want to know why I preferred the smaller, plastic-ier version of the console here’s a breakdown of PROs for the PSP Go:

  • It’s lighter. Sony markets it as the lightest PSP version and with good reason, it’s damn light. Of course this means it’s also more fragile (all that plastic. ugh) but that’s a trade off that I’m willing to risk it. After all, my Samsung smartphone survived without any incidents and I’m quite certain that it’s much less resilient than Sony’s portable console 🙂
  • It’s faster. Having flash memory built-in simply means less routing, wires, etc, compared to older PSP models even when games are loaded from the memory stick. And it’s 16GB right off the bat, can’t say no to all that storage right?
  • More features. Bluetooth, Media Go, yada yada yada. A full feature list for the PSP Go is available via my older post here.

What sucks

  • Propriety USB cable. It’s a USB cable Sony, why would you want to do what Apple does and install a propriety-ended cable on your console when the the mini-USB connector works just fine ._.
  • Plastic everywhere. While I have no doubt that Sony’s console will last me a good 2-4 years, having most of it’s body built with plastic those give the PSP Go a, shall we say, less than premium feel. The DSi feels incredibly well-built in comparison.
  • Button placement. With the original PSP design, oft times the buttons for the volume, brightness and mute are an eyesore but they’re well out of reach enough to prevent you from pressing them at the wrong moment (ergo, when a giant monster is barreling down on you kinda of moment). The PSP Go takes this to a whole new level and basically hides them from view :/ It’s quite difficult to reach and press them at times but that may be due to the crystal case I’ve put my PSP in. Still, it’s a weird placement Sony.
  • Price. Yes, there’s 16GB on the PSP Go. However, the initial perception that most people will have on it is that it’s WAY More expensive than the PSP-3000. Of course if you do the math (which means adding a 16GB Class 10 memory stick to the PSP-3000 package and some sort of hacktified dongle to enable blutooth), the PSP Go still comes out as the cheaper one.

As for why the Nintendo DSi?  It’s simply better than the other DS iterations, save the 3DS of course :).

For those wondering, I bought these from an awesome tipidpc seller name icy_james20.  View his tpc items for sale here.  Looking forward to dealing with you again dude :).

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