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Homebrew Loader 113 for PSP with 6.37 OFW

If you managed to upgrade to 6.37 OFW on your PSP despite numerous warnings from everywhere not to do so, you’re in luck (sort of) as Wololo has updated his Homebrew Loader (HBL) to v 113 to support 6.37 PSP OFW and had it signed.  Yep, this simply means that you only need to run it on your PSP’s XMB.  No more manually loading the save file, etc.

Requirements for Homebrew Loader 113 on PSP 6.37 OFW

This is fairly straightforward.

How to install Homebrew Loader 113 on PSP 6.37 OFW

  1. Extract the file on your computer
  2. Copy all the contents of the resulting folder (hbl-r113) into the root of your memory stick. You should end up with a h.bin file at the root of your memory stick, as well as a hbl folder, and a “HBL” folder in PSP/GAME
  3. Put homebrews you wish to run in your PSP/GAME folder (emulators, apps, etc).
  4. Run “Half Byte Loader” on your PSP. Once loaded, you should see a basic menu with a list of homebrews. Click on “X” to start one

Just to be clear, HBL r113 won’t be able to run the Prometheus ISO loader because Sony’s patch has closed the kernel exploit. User mode homebrew.of course is left untouched but as Wololo says, it’s probably unintentional. Here is a video demo showing Homebrew Loader v113 on a PSP with 6.37 OFW installed.

credits: Wololo

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