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Civilization V skip Intro Movie

After installing Civilization V, the Intro Movie will be the biggest headache that you’ll encounter. Why? There’s virtually no way to stop it (short of hitting CTRL + ALT + DELETE) from running it’s full length if you don’t have a powerful enough computer. The reason you can’t skip the cinematics is because the game is still loading which is why it can’t respond to your frantic hits on the ESC key. So how do you skip Civilization 5’s intro movie? Here’s how.

  • Browse the following directory: My Documents\My Games\ Sid Meier’s Civilization 5
  • Find the file called “UserSettings.ini”.
  • Once the file is open, find the “SkipIntroVideo” setting which is set to 0. (You can use CTRL + F to find it fast)
  • Set “SkipIntroVideo” to 1 and the intro should not come up when you start the game anymore.

The only drawback is that upon launching the game, all you get to see you see is a blackscreen because the game is still loading. Still, that’s a reasonable alternative than having a cinematic that you can’t escape at.

If you’re experiencing Civilization 5 crashes, please refer to my more complete guide: Fixing Civilization 5 crashes.

PS: I was supposed to post a Currently Playing: Civilization V write up but I ended up playing the game for more than 20 hrs >_>. It’s addicting. Be warned.

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