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StarCraft 2 List of Missions

There’s a total 29 campaign missions for StarCraft II’s single player mode.  If you missed a few (meaning your total isn’t 29) then you may want to look at this list of StarCraft 2 Missions to check and see which ones you haven’t played before.

The game’s campaign is broken down into several chapters, Mar Sara, Colonists, Artifact, Covert, Rebellion, Prophecy and the Final Missions in Char.  Each of these missions have several achievements which you can gain in-game or during story mode.  Check out the full guide on StarCraft 2 Achievements for more info.

In some chapters, you get to pick one of two missions to follow (e.g. during Tosh’s mission, you can either go with Break Out or Ghost of a Chance).  While you only get to play one of the options for storyline purposes, you can still play it through the Mission Log.

Oh, if you can’t go through the Campaign or are having difficulty in finishing them, here’s a List of StarCraft 2 Cheats. Use them at your own discretion 🙂
Important Note: Prophecy Missions cannot be replayed.  You have to go through the whole campaign to play through it again.

Mar Sara

The Raynor missions are the first three in the game. Credits may not be used until after Zero Hour.

MissionsNew Unit(s)CreditsResearchPrerequisites
Mar Sara 1: Liberation DayMarine
Mar Sara 2: The OutlawsSCV, Medic45,000Liberation Day
Mar Sara 3: Zero Hour55,000The Outlaws


The Hanson missions can be started after completing the Mar Sara missions.

MissionsNew Unit(s)CreditsResearchPrerequisites
Colonist 1: The EvacuationFirebat100,0003 ZergZero Hour
Colonist 2: OutbreakHellion110,0002 ZergThe Evacuation
Colonist 3a: Safe HavenViking125,0003 ZergOutbreak, 7 total missions
Colonist 3b: Haven’s FallViking125,0003 ProtossOutbreak, 7 total mission


The Tychus missions can be started after completing the Mar Sara missions.

MissionsNew Unit(s)CreditsResearchPrerequisites
Artifact 1: Smash and GrabMarauder110,0004 ProtossZero Hour
Artifact 2: The DigSiege Tank120,0003 ProtossSmash and Grab, 8 total missions
Artifact 3: The Moebius FactorMedivac120,0003 ZergThe Dig, 11 total missions
Artifact 4: SupernovaBanshee120,0004 ProtossThe Moebius Factor, 14 total missions
Artifact 5: Maw of the VoidBattlecruiser125,0004 ProtossSupernova


The Tosh missions can be started after completing a total of 4 missions.

MissionsNew Unit(s)CreditsResearchPrerequisites
Covert 1: The Devil’s PlaygroundReaper110,0003 Zerg4 total missions
Covert 2: Welcome to the JungleGoliath120,0003 ProtossThe Devil’s Playground
Covert 3a: BreakoutSpectre125,000Welcome to the Jungle, 8 total missions
Covert 3b: Ghost of a ChanceGhost125,000Welcome to the Jungle, 8 total missions


The Horner missions can be started after completing a total of 6 missions.

MissionsNew Unit(s)CreditsResearchPrerequisites
Rebellion 1: The Great Train RobberyDiamondback110,0003 Zerg6 total missions
Rebellion 2: CutthroatVulture120,0003 ProtossThe Great Train Robbery
Rebellion 3: Engine of DestructionWraith120,0003 ZergCutthroat
Rebellion 4: Media BlitzThor120,000Engine of Destruction
Rebellion 5: Piercing the Shroud125,0003 Zerg, 4 ProtossMedia Blitz, including secret objective


The Zeratul missions can be started after completing The Dig.

These missions are played as the Protoss. The player’s normally available Terran units, mercenaries, armory upgrades, or research do not matter in these missions. Completing these missions early is useful for a large boost to research, possibly making subsequent Terran missions slightly easier to complete in Hard/Brutal difficulties.

MissionsNew Unit(s)CreditsResearchPrerequisites
Prophecy 1: Whispers of Doom3 Zerg, 3 ProtossThe Dig
Prophecy 2: A Sinister Turn3 Zerg, 3 ProtossWhispers of Doom
Prophecy 3: Echoes of the Future4 Zerg, 2 ProtossA Sinister Turn
Prophecy 4: In Utter Darkness3 Zerg, 3 ProtossEchoes of the Future


The Final missions can be started after completing Maw of the Void.

Caution: Once the player has finished Gates of Hell, unplayed missions on the Star Map will no longer be available. However, missions which have been previously completed will still be available to replay.

MissionsNew Unit(s)CreditsResearchPrerequisites
Final 1: Gates of HellMaw of the Void
Final 2a: Belly of the BeastGates of Hell
Final 2b: Shatter the SkyGates of Hell
Final 3: All-InBelly of the Beast or Shatter the Sky

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