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Install PSP Custom Firmware 5.00 M33 Prometheus add-on

With 5.03 GEN-C and 5.50 GEN-D3 getting their own respective Prometheus (5.50 GEN Prometheus and 5.03 GEN Prometheus) plugins that will allow them to play games that require Sony’s 6.20 OFW and above, can the M33 guys who still stick to Dark Alex’s legacy custom firmware get some love?  Apparently yes as Red Squirrel has released a 5.00 M33 Prometheus plugin for all you folks that stick to this stable yet admittedly outdated firmware.

Who was it that said that the M33 firmware is dead?

This release will install on all hackable PSPs that has 5.00 M33 firmware (and it’s subsequent patches up to 5.00 M33-6).

Important: This only for hackable PSPs. Not sure? read: Is my PSP hackable?

Update: The Prometheus-3 add-on is now available.
Important: If you have firmware above 5.00 (5.03 or 5.50 in example) you need to downgrade your PSP to 5.00 M33.


  • A PSP with custom firmware 5.00 M33 installed (preferably 5.00 M33-6). If your firmware version is below this, please update to 5.00 M33.
  • PSP battery that’s at least 78% full
  • Download:
  • Disable ALL plugins.
  • Back up your save files (so that if they get corrupted, you still have backups)

How to install 5.00 M33 Prometheus add-on

  • Connect your PSP to your computer
  • Extract the to your PC
  • Copy the M33-Prometheus Installer folder to X:/PSP/GAME/ on your PSP’s memory stick. (Where X is the drive that your PC recognizes your memory stick)
  • On your XMB, go to Game > Memory Stick, hold the L trigger and press X to start 5.00 M33 Prometheus Updater
  • Continue to install the official 5.00 M33 Prometheus CFW when prompted
  • After all process is complete, press X again. Your PSP revert to the XMB screen.
  • Congratulations, you’ve just installed M33 Prometheus add on on your 5.00 M33.

Important: This release is currently M33 Prometheus v2. Stay updated by subscribing to our feeds.
Update: The Prometheus-3 add-on is now available.
After installing 5.00 M33 Prometheus, How about some Free PSP Games?


In case of problems you can go back to 5.00 M33 by simply running the installer for 5.00 M33 again.

You can post problems you’ve encountered here.

Developer Notes:

What’s it?
It’s a simple PSP homebrew that installs the MOD Prometheus in your CF 5.00M33-6.
It does all the necessary to enable the MOD Prometheus in your CF such as writing prometheus_lite.prx in Flash0, Prometheus_key.txt in Flash1 and Stargate.prx in SEPLUGINS folder and adding the Stargate.prx plugin string in your GAME.txt
From v2.0 it has also a function to write all files in your Flashs, in this way you won’t loose a place in GAME.txt!

-If you use the KHBBS plugin remember to disable it before to use this program, otherwise it can’t write files in flashs correctly.
-Be carefull to use the “All in Flashs installation”, because (if something goes wrong!) it could bring your PSP in a semibrick status!
-The program adds the Stargate.prx plugin string in first position in your GAME.txt (if it exists!). So other plugins (if present) will be saved from second position (you won’t loose them!).
-When you uninstall the MOD prometheus with the specific function of this program the GAME.txt file will be completely deleted. So you will loose all plugins enabled in GAME.
-The program does not recognize the CF version, for this reason it works in any Custom Firmware: be sure to use it ONLY in CF 5.00M33-6!


Red Squirrel for the Prometheus add-on
To the Prometheus plugins and MODs coders.
To Dark_Alex for his CF and VLF libraries.

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