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PSP Plugin: Hold+ 4.0

I guess I’m getting rusty with keeping up to date with the latest PSP stuff as the latest update on Hold+ plugin appeared right under my nose. The latest version for the plugin is currently at 4.0. What makes it so useful? When using your PSP as an MP3 player, it nearly doubles your battery life (at least the developer says so :D)

The Hold+ plugin does the following when activiated:

  • Switches off the LCD screen and backlight.
  • Underclocks the CPU to 60MHz
  • Fixes malfunctioning Hold switch.
  • The original screen brightness and clock speed are restored only when the Hold switch is released fully to the power off position.
  • Prevents the PSP from going into suspend mode if you accidently push the power switch too far when turning off Hold mode.
  • Turns off LEDs in hold mode.
  • While in hold mode, allows the use of Left, Right, LTrigger, RTrigger, Volume and Start buttons, if you hold the Select button first. Useful to skip songs, pause etc.


Installing the Hold+ plugin

  1. Download the installation file listed above
  2. Extract Hold+ on your computer
  3. If you have a seplugins folder on your memory stick, copy the hold.prx file to it, otherwise create the seplugins folder first.
  4. Open up the VSH.txt file and add the line:

    ms0:/seplugins/hold.prx 1

    Note that if you don’t have a VSH.txt file, create a VSH.txt file first
  5. Reboot your PSP (if you’re on any 5.03 firmware or have a partially hackable PSP, you don’t need to reboot)

Changes from Hold+ 3.8
Now when the Hold switch is enabled, the PSP remains in hold mode permanently until the switch is fully pushed to the power off position. This will prevent a malfunctioning Hold switch from randomly interfering.

Removed Display Off mode (hold ANALOG UP while releasing Hold) since holding Select is sufficient for most users.

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