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Starcraft 2 Lego Collection

Starcraft fan? Check. Lego fan? Check. What do you get when you combine them? A Starcraft 2 Lego Collection!

Starcraft 2 Lego Immortal
A Protoss Immortal

Starcraft 2 Lego Protoss Probe
A Protoss Probe
Starcraft 2 Lego Banshee
A Terran Banshee
Starcraft 2 Lego Terran SCV
Terran SCV

Absolutely neat! You can check out the rest of pepaquin’s Starcraft II Lego collection

Where’s the zerg you ask? Building them with lego would make them look blocky but at least we have this Zerg cake 😀
Starcraft 2 Lego Zerg Cake

Don’t forget to check out Starcraft 2 release date for the latest info from the game’s release.

[via a href=””>Starcraft 2 release date, Starfeeder on Lego Terran SCV]


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