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Dare to Challenge MyBrute

Bored and in front of your PC?  Here’s something to kill time for you.

A quick note to the spelling nazi’s, My Brute should be spelled and searched with a space in between.  However since most people new to the game refer to it as MyBrute instead of the correct My Brute name, it stuck.

MyBrute is an online game where you create a (you guessed it) a Brute to fight other people’s Brutes to gain experience, weapons, stats and skills.  Not skilled?  Don’t worry, fights are automatically resolved so you simply watch your brute beat up the other player or the other way around.

So what’s the point in it?  It’s fun. Sure, you don’t get to control your Brute but hey, at least you get to see it win 🙂  Want to know a tip to winning more games?  Join up and challenge MyBrute ^_^

Now since you’ve landed on this page, I’m going to share a very important tip with you.

See those Brutes with pets? If you want to get one, becoming a PUPIL of a Brute with a Panther, Bear or whichever pet you want to acquire. By level 3 you’d have a pet. If for some reason you didn’t get one. try again and create a new pupil. That’s it for the cheat 😀 Here’s some more resources where that came from:

  1. MyBrute
  2. MyBrute Guide
  3. MyBrute Pupil Trading List

If you sign up MyBrute to become my pupil, post your Brute in the comments and let’s start a MyBrute Pupil Trading List.

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