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Beta Testing Quake Live

I got an interesting email last night. Here’s a screenshot


So what is Quake Live? If you’ve been living under a gaming rock for quite some time now, it’s ID Software’s rebirth of the Quake 3 game in a browser. Yep, you read that right. Quake 3 in a browser.

Quake Live features PVP and PVB (Player Vs Bot?) gaming and is supported by advertising dollars. The game will run on both PC and Mac. Quake Live will keep track of player statistics like number of kills, accuracy, etc.  Do note that the stats are taken from actual gameplay only, not from Practice or PVB.

Quake Live Screen

Click to see the full Image

How to get your Beta ID? Sign up via the Official Quake Live site to become a Beta Tester.   If you’re lucky and receive the same email I got, then see you online. ^_^

The best part about Quake Live?  It lives in your browser and can be played anywhere you can install the plugin.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to fragging. ^_^

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