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Dragonball Evolution… Uhhh

I’m not a big fan of the Dragonball series (Dragonbal, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT and it’s respective movies) but I’m familiar with the story, the characters and the fanbase behind it simply because like most filipino’s, we grew up with Dragonball running on the tube, be it re-runs of the english or the more popular tagalog-dubbed type.  Yes, I’ve heard of the Dragonball Movie adaptation by Hollywood named Dragonball Evolution and as much as possible, I tried to steer clear of the trailers because of the bad hype the movie has been getting.

Then I saw this:

The trailer itself shows how badly Hollywood screwed up this one.  Kinda reminds me of the Street Fighter movie shown way back.  No not the Van Damme one but the one’s who had Asian actors in it, chinese I believe.  Dragonball Evolution seems another failed at famed artwork to movie attempt.  I’ll still watch it just for the fun of it but I’ll get tbe movie as a rental, not in theaters.

What about you guys? What’s your take on the movie?

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